The Education System in America

As depicted in Part VI and VII (Daisy’s story), Geoffrey Canada says that brining change to scale is the most effective solution to the problem. This is based on the fact that a number of policies and reforms may be acted, but if their possibility of impact is not scaled, then it would all be like splitting a rock using a knife. Also as suggested on page 253, Congress lesson plan to change editors of parenting magazines would also play a significant role. This would reduce 100% dependence on formal education given by the public schools, but would make students well placed by being at a position of getting ideas, information, and education from social media, which they are so much attached to. Focus on parents’ magazines is also significant in that parents get to learn how to foster the education of their children and to complement the much that their children get from schools.

Canada illustrates the possibility of this mechanism by pointing out that the involvement of the whole community and parents is of profound importance since students normally spend about 80-90% of their individual time in the community and home before high school years elapse (outside school). This can be the time for schools and communities to create and establish educational systems that work well to the good of all students (Weber, 2010). It is also necessary to note that the author brings to attention that it may not be possible for the schools to make favorable adjustments by themselves; thus, the community has to give their helping hand to the schools. Based on Francisco’s story (p. 67), as depicted by Eric Hanushek on page 81, having great teacher brings out a great difference in teaching and molding of the education sector. From Eric’s point of view, we come to notice that teachers can be best measured by the quality of results they are able to give out based on the overall students’ performance.

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This is what defines the effective and ineffective teachers. Therefore, it turns out that students get motivated to learn and reach their goals when teachers give them their best. Availability of funds eases the whole process of finding an appropriate solution to a problem. Based on part IV (Antony’s story) from page 125 and part V (Bianca’s story) from page 165 by Randi Weingarten and Jay Mathews, adequate funding for necessary resources and amenities is one of the five basic foundationsfor success of a student. This funding can be by parents, government or any other organization having the welfare of students at heart. From Mathews’ perspective on things that make a Super School, funding is a key to eradicating most of the barriers, if not all.

It becomes clear that funding would enhance implementation of plans to the letter. The challenge of implementation of plans resulted from the failure to allocate funds so as to facilitate the process; for instance, proper enumeration of best performing teachers had not been so possible since not enough funds were availed for that, and in turn, teachers could not give their all. The problem of lack of enough support for teachers can also be tackled amicably by giving teachers everything that they need, including facilities, personnel, working space, and upgraded structures in the teaching arena. Based on part VII entitled “What I can do,” there is a need to set aside some extra money for websites, organizations, and education reforms specifically for young people. This must come with a cost which would avail enough funds for creating those websites and organizations so as to cater for the welfare of the young people.Based on Emily’s Story entitled “Calling all citizens” by Schwarz Eric and Daisy’s story from page 187 about bringing the relevant change to the right scale and big reform by Canada, it is quite evident that affiliations to different political parties by citizens and politicians at times create a lot of division, and yet a divided house cannot stand.

This is due to the fact that most politicians would always support policies that favor their flourishing political positions and people helping them. It is because of this that most politicians have overlooked the educational problems of people who voted them into being senators and governors. Daisy’s story also illustrates that there are some heads of public schools that get their way into their positions as a result of political make ups. This translates to the fact that such people would be in the office to serve the interest of the politician instead of the students. Canada depicts that the best way in which success in a community can be achieved is by helping people with history of development and great ideas of how the present can be moulded to change situation in the future become leaders.

Therefore, this becomes the best leverage; to put into leadership leaders who are able ‘to walk the talk but not talk the walk’. Politicians who are not able for a long time to fulfill their promises have derailed the chances of progress of communities since they cannot fight for the welfare of their people as expected of them. To hit the targeted goal, securing good leadership is one of the appropriate leverage to go for above any other thing, because, just as Canada depicts it, leadership at times defines the economic situation of community. This whole matter concerning the education system in America is slowly being drilled out by some numeric matters prickling so much. Therefore, my goal would be to see in place new policies and ensure successful implementation of new strategies in educational sector. It is high time that leaders and the entire community of the United States of America focus all their thoughts and energy on dealing with the situations in the public schools.

It would be of great value and prestige for a country known as super power to be at the top when it comes to matters of education and not only when it concerns wars and international trade. In other words, it would be best for the country not to overlook internal wrangles. Just as Erick Hanushek points out, an in-depth economic analysis needs to be carried in the education sector.This reading encourages me as a reader to strive and rise above the challenges posed by the educational sector. Despite the fact that teachers have a great role to play, we all are blessed with freewill. It is one of the greatest gifts, and as a student, I can choose to change my attitude and come to terms with whatever the education sector in US is going through and to work hard to shine amidst dark world that is almost overshadowing our education system.

Besides, from what Belinda Gates points out in the last chapters, I should strive to be well informed and knowledgeable on global economy. In conclusion, Waiting for “Superman” is a striking book which is not only relevant to matters pertaining to students but also to America as a country. Children/young people are the future of America, and when they lives are negatively impacted in terms of education at their tender rightful ages, the bright tomorrow of America is at danger. Therefore, the least every American can do is to do away with ignorance by at least having a glimpse of the contents.