The "Education System"

I heard on a local government broadcast a quote, “… kids seem to stop being interested in school at about sixth grade…” That being all that I heard before the channel flipped and the program was gone. I being in eleventh grade took this question to heart, why is it that I don’t find school intriguing, am I not intelligent enough to understand it? To that I knew the answer was no, I forced myself to make high-honors on a challenge. The next question was, is the material not important, stepping back I found that each subject had it’s place in a certain situation. The things that I found reoccurring in a pattern, first of all trust, the lack of it in almost every relationship in the building. Next being the patronization, we all impose upon each other, repeating things that we already know and throwing in a bit of information that we don’t know.

That or either that the information being supplied is not directly relevant to our lives. The next thing that I found is that there is little balance in the school situation, either the school focuses only on one set of subjects, or they focus on none. They think that balanced means equal, even though those words are not synonymous. They force information onto people rather than demonstrating why it’s important, they throw the horse off the boat when they think it needs a drink rather then trying to curb its fears. They never encourage finding a personal talent, not to mention teaching how it can be used to the students advantage. But what strikes me as the most outrageous is the fact that the schools never ask anyone going there what they want to learn, or those who graduated what they think would be the most useful.

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One size fits all education actually fits no one.