The Effects of Homework

Sitting at a desk, staring at all the piles of work left to do while yawning, rubbing my eyes and wondering when I will finish.Is homework just getting shoved in our brains or is homework helping us with school and the upcoming future?Is homework making students lose sleep?The list goes on.My experience, health side effects, physical side effects, and what might help for homework is the main topic for this essay. My experience with being up late studying and often tired in the morning is a common routine for me.According to the Journal of Experimental Education, the average amount of homework a night is 3.

1 hours.Harris Cooper is a professor of Education and Psychology at Duke University, Cooper states that no more than two hours of homework a night should be assigned to students in high school.I believe that both of these studies are correct due to my own experiences.Hopefully my own experiences won’t lead to serious health conditions. Health side effects of losing sleep can be very serious.According to Lauren Daisley from CBS, health side effects can include insulin resistance, depression, anxiety, irritability, stress, distracted while driving, and even make children obese.

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Insulin resistance can then lead to type two diabetes.I feel that these effects would be difficult to overcome.Diabetes and obesity are on the rise in our country.Completing homework is often a sedentary job.Could this be leading to obesity and diabetes in our country?Hopefully when dealing with health side effects, physical side effects won’t get in the way.

Physical side effects can also be serious.According to the Washington Post on March 19, 2015, they said that spending too much time on homework can lead to no social life.No social life can be a detriment when applying for jobs and many other real world opportunities.Having a social life gives a person opportunities to meet people, participate in recreational activities, and improve communication skills.Physical side effects can also lead to lack of energy during physical activities.

Hopefully when dealing with complicated physical side effects, there is a way that will cure or improve these troublesome conditions. While trying to be positive and hoping to achieve high grades, there should be a way to get rid of all the nasty side effects.Some things to consider that might help are a flipped classroom, limited screen time, school start times, and have teachers limit homework.A flipped classroom means that teachers would take videos of the lesson they are going to teach and send them to the students.Then, when the students have already learned the lesson at home, the teachers would then help the students with the assignment during class.My point of view of the things to consider could help students find success in school.

My experience, health side effects, physical side effects, and what might help for homework is what this essay has in detail.I hope that the amount of homework decreases and there is more time to yourself.It is to be hoped that while sitting and looking down at a desk there aren’t piles of work to stare at and homework left to do.Hopefully reading this essay didn’t make you get behind on homework.