"The Effects of Overpopulation"

What will happen if all the major cities population doubled? This is what will happen: More natural resources will run-out. Worse disasters will occur to major cities with already huge city population rates. The purpose of this essay is to show the effects of overpopulation. The first effect of overpopulation will be that natural resources will run out. With the amount of people now on planet earth there is barely enough resources now to survive on, but if we began to double our population we will surely run-out of resources to share. The next effect will be that the planet will began to die due to a lack of resources.

More trees would be cut down for more paper and housing. Also if this happens then there will not be enough trees to collect all of the CO2 (carbon dioxide) from the atmosphere to give us oxygen. The second effect of over population will be that more natural disasters will occur. Global warming will rise because of all the manufacturing that is going on. Which that the polar ice caps will melt faster and put more endanger animals will become extinct.

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After the ice caps have melted the sea level will have risen many feet that what it already is. Also this will create greater storms that will impact cities harder and cause more damage. Clearly, this essay is to show how the effects of overpopulation would affect us and our planet as a whole. Also to show that we need to see what we are doing to other animals and our planet and try to save the planet and animals who are inhabitant on it. This is what will happen if we overpopulate our world.