Effects of Overpopulation in the World

What would happen if the world was overpopulated? There would be more pollution. Also, there would probably most likely be more violence. The economy would be weak.

Because of this, there would be more poverty and more poor families living literally in the streets. The reason and the cause of this are because there is going to be too many people around or in other words the world would be overpopulated. The purpose of this essay is to show what the world would be like if it was overpopulated. One example of what the world would probably be like with overpopulation is people would not have a place to live. There would be a whole lot more poverty. The economy is already going low.

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There would be way more violence around. It will be hard to get into a shelter where you can stay. But if you do get a place to live, it will be packed and overcrowded with people. The economy will also have more problems than they already do which causes people with less money and less shelters and homes. Another effect of overpopulation is that there would be more violence.

There would be so many people around that people will not stand having so many people around. There would be more problems with drugs and war. Food and land will be scarce, so people are going to be fighting for survival. There would be more competition. People will get addicted to violence, for there is going to be more people around and people will have to fight for survival. In conclusion, if the world was overpopulated, there would be too much chaos, too much poverty, and the world would change to a dirty place.

There are already too many too many poor families fighting for survival. Lastly, we humans better make changes now, or in the future it might be the end for us.