Case Study on Overpopulation

Overpopulation Case Study:

Have you ever heard about golden billion? There is a thought that our planet is able to carry without undesirable effects not more than only one billion people. Nowadays problem of overpopulation is very important by many reasons. Recently, population on Earth reached 7 billions that would be absolutely normal if allocation was uniform. Also people should understand that with the growth of population natural resources will continue decreasing rapidly. The humanity will experience the lack of drinking water, hunger, epidemics, poverty.

The effect on the environment will be pollution, deforestation, extinction of biological species, global warming and depletion of natural resources. All these facts show how important alternative sources of energy are and how people should value natural resources.Evidently, overpopulation will lead to the global catastrophe, that is why everyone should know about the problem as much as possible. Students from high school to college and university are asked to prepare case studies on overpopulation in the world. The aim of such papers is to broaden students’ knowledge about the existing problems and to provoke them to think about effective methods useful to stop population growth.

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Every case study on this topic should be informative and convincing. One should collect reliable evidence on the problem which occurred in a special case site and analyze its cause and effect. Moreover, one has to offer good solutions to this problem and try to persuade the reader that overpopulation is the most terrible thing for humanity.Young people who have to write about overpopulation will need to read much about the problem and take advantage of up-to-date literary sources (mostly periodicals, articles in newspapers, scientific journals), which can explain the topic in detail from all side. After you have learnt the roots of the problem, pay attention to the case. The problem of overpopulation is observed on the example of a certain country, so one should analyze the reasons and consequences of population growth there.

Most students do not know how to organize the paper properly, so the best way to learn how to do it is to read free sample case studies on overpopulation problems found in the Internet. The help is extremely valuable, because due to it one will see hoe a good paper looks like. When you read a free example case study on overpopulation in India, you will see how to analyze the topic on the concrete example from the real life. Moreover, you will learn to format the paper, present evidence and compose the paper logically.