The Effects of War

Wars should not happen, they should not even exist. Wars are big fights between 2 or more countries that in clued armaments, weapons and other harmful things. Wars bring endless disadvantages and effects such as injuries and death, destruction, damaging image of a country and more. Firstly, wars bring injuries and death not only to people but also animals, plants, the environment and probably even earth! War put lives in danger, not only soldiers but also innocent children, women, elders and plenty more. If wars continue to happen, it will put mankind in the risk of extinction.

Second, wars will bring destruction to whatever it touches. Wars will destroy or even eliminate nature, environment, houses, buildings and etc. what is left is a big mess that needs money and time to fix. Last but not least, wars will damage the image of a country. People will think that the country is violent.

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Now, technology is advanced, we can project the images, videos of the war through television or the internet, and from that moment the reputation is ruined. It takes a very long time to build a good reputation but only a second to ruin it. Wars bring nothing but trouble, wars should stop. If we do not want more effects mentioned we should find a way to eliminate war.