THE EFFECTS OF 9/11 Free Essay Sample

“‘9/11 was the beginning of a new fear in America about chaos and uncontrolled disorder in the world'” (Kalb).

On September 11Th, 2001 over 3,000 people were killed or wounded because of a terrorist attack that happened in NY (9/11 effects In the USA). “The attacks heightened awareness of global events for a generation of kids, shattered their illusions of a peaceful world, and changed perceptions they had their nation as almighty and invulnerable” (Kalb). 9/11 had a huge impact on everyone whether they knew it at the time or not. Osama bin laden was the name of the terrorist who had put this whole act together. He hired men to crash hijacked aircraft’s into the twin towers, the pentagon, Stony creek-Pennsylvania, and shanks-Ville-Pennsylvania. On September 11Th there were two aircraft’s that were taken over and crashed into the world trade center.

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The aircraft’s that the terrorists used to crash into the towers were commercial airlines. The innocent flyer’s just seemed to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Those people in the airplane didn’t know what was going on at the time. Meanwhile after the first airplane struck into the world trade center, people were in shock. They never believed that something as horrendous as this would ever happen.

Their where people trapped on the top of the building that was on fire, who didn’t have any where to go. Most people stood there to die by the flames, and others decided to jump off of the top of the towers. The body count total of the 9/11 tragedy was well over 3,000 people. Some children were left without their parents, and had nobody to take care of them. Many parents lost their partner and had to raise their kids on their own. It’s hard for children and to grow up not knowing their mother or father.

“it’s heartbreaking to see the look on your child’s face when you have to tell them that their father died”(families of September 11).after 9/11 more people decided to help children without parents, help parents with their children, and honor the lives lost. “We are asking Americans to remember the lives, of those lost, pay tribute to those who rose in service, and honor those who serve our country today by engaging in service on 9/11 weekend”( families of September 11) After this attack on the twin towers, the U.S went to war with Afghanistan. Over 430 people died the first five years in the war (Afghanistan war on death toll); at least they died in honor.

After the attack of 9/11 a lot more people felt insecure. They feel unsafe everywhere they go people try to be more aware of their surroundings. A lot of Arabic people feel disappointed about how others blame them for this incident. Many don’t see the better side of others; they just pick out their differences and make bad remarks. At the airports, that’s where the impact of 9/11 hit the most.

The U.S. has spent over 170,000 on scanners at the airports. (The Negative Effects of 9/11). The U.

S. has spent money on the security to make people feel more secure, and to prevent any type of terror. a lot of manufacturing companies have dogs and people going throughout their building looking for anything illegal. many people might argue that it is a violation of their privacy but they don’t realize that their trying to protect them from any harm. “we will never forget that tragic day – the innocent lives lost, the bravery of those who responded, and the remarkable spirit of unity and compassion that swept the country in the aftermath”(families of 9/1, Robert).

many people have learned to no take people in their everyday lives for granted, and to appreciate them. Also to learn how to not judge people on the act of others. Ten years after 9/11 the U.S special ops, finally found Osama bin laden, and killed him. Throughout this whole tragedy, people wanted revenge on him and hoped that he could suffer, and after his death, it really didn’t make them feel any better.

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