Something About Myself Free Essay

“A man should look for what he is, and not for what he thinks he should be.”- Albert Einstein I am a senior at in high school. I am not a typical senior that walks through the halls of our school. What makes me different than other kids is that I follow my own steps, I don’t care about what people think of me, and it’s making me a successful student.

I get good grades and usually get everything done. I come from a Mexican family, which makes me Mexican-American, and proud of it. As a young kid my family and I struggled to keep a steady home because my parents were immigrants and they moved to where ever there were job opportunities. So basically I had to get used to where ever we moved. Out of all of the places that we moved to Mexico had to be my favorite because it is a completely different country and their laws are way different than the U.S ones.

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Now I am in a steady place but my family recently moved to Mexico again and I was left here with my uncle to finish High School. So far everything has gone great and I haven’t disappointed my parents. The reason why I am so successful in life is because I follow the right footsteps, listening to my parents and keep up with school. In the future, once I get to college, I want to major in criminology. To specify I would like to be a gang detective. I have always been interested in this career, ever since I was around 10.

I am always curious of things and like to look around for things that get lost. Another major reason why I like this career is because I like helping out people that need the help. This career is basically based of that. I would have to help out the families that lost a family member in a homicide. I know they will be very thankful and that is what makes me feel good, when a person says thanks for all the help, it makes me feel proud of myself.

Even though the job is a little dangerous my parents support my decision. They tell me whatever I want to do is fine with them and that I have their support. They also tell me if I ever need money for school to ask them and they will lend me some. The hours of a detective are really bad because they usually work all day. This means that I will little or no time with my family. It isn’t good at all because if I ever have kids they are going to spend a small amount of time with their dad.

I once was talking to my dad and this was out conversation: “Son if you want your kids to be good and well educated you have to spend time with them and show them what is good and what is wrong”-he said. “Yes dad, I know you gave us time and we rose up to be pretty good kids”-I said. Learning of criminology wasn’t that hard, there was a couple of people and sources that helped me out. My cousin studied criminology, he is now a cop, and he told me that if I studied criminology I wouldn’t regret it. “It’s a good and fun thing to study for, you should definitely go for it bro”-my cousin said.

Maybe he just told me that because he is all into science and studying and the laws of America. Another way I learned of that career is by the TV shows. The best one out of all of them is “The First 48”. That show got me more into criminology, because the people that film it make it very interesting. They also make it look fun to do what they do.

The only thing that pulls me a little back to make the final decision that I am going to study criminology is the fact that I am going to look and chase around criminals. This gets me a little frightened because what if one of these guys decides to shoot at me, it could end my life forever. But then I start thinking about the good things. For example, the people I will help out, if I get the criminal there is going to be less violence in the streets. Less violence in the streets means more safety for the civilians, and one less criminal to worry about. In conclusion, the reason why I am so successful in life is because I follow the right footsteps, listen to my parents, and keep up with school.

Overall I have learned to be a good person to people. For example, respect them in every way and help the people that are in need. What makes me different than other people is that when I set goals I actually reach them. I do this by putting 100% effort into things.