The Final Chapter of High School

The final chapter of high school also known as Senior Year is the last year of high school.

It can be one of the most stressful years ever. We push ourselves to pass all our classes. We also struggle as the school year comes to an end, but all that hard work and struggle pays off eventually. After all that is a new beginning. As a senior in high school I find it to be stressful.

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I find it to be stressful because of all the homework and projects. I thought senior year would be like the other years, when I didn’t really have to stress over homework and projects. I guess it’s just a senior’s mindset. I used to think I had a lot of time for all of that, but now it’s like the days go by faster and there’s no time for anything. Another thing us seniors have to do is push ourselves.

We have to push ourselves to do what we can to pass our classes. For some it’s hard to earn good grades because there is no one to push them, so they have to push their selves. For others it can be easy because they have the motivation to strive for more. That’s just how it is. Lastly, The Struggle. As the school year starts to come to an end, us seniors start to struggle.

All the work and stress we’ve had through out the school year start to effect us. Our brains are all worn out and tired, therefore making most of us lazy. That is called Senioritis. Ex. “Why didn’t you do your homework?” “Because I have Senioritis.” So thats the struggle of the last months of senior year.

So in conclusion, I think senior year is the toughest year in all the years of high school. All the stress, struggle and pushing just gets to you, but like I said it all pays off. You get to graduate and own that diploma, but most of all, you get to start a new beginning. You can join the military, get a job near home, or even go to college to have a better chance at a better future. So..

. to all the upcoming seniors I wish you the best of luck.