The Fire

It was December 9,2010. I was sitting in class, I don’t really recall the class it was.

Too boring to remember i suppose. So there i was working on some unfinished homework? maybe? I think my teacher was babbling about her kids. The phone rang which usually meant someone had to go to the office, not always but usually. Everyone can always guess who the person on the phone needs because the teacher looks up right at the student. But when my teacher looked up her eyes laid on me and everyone looked at me.

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The phone conversation ended and she told me to take my things and head to the office. I was so confused because i had a basketball game that evening and if i was on the team I couldn’t be absent from class at all otherwise i wouldn’t be able to play. I kind of could tell something was wrong. I got that weird feeling in my gut and stomach started to tighten. By the time i got down to the office my mom was siting in the chair tearing up and a million things started running through my mind. My mom didn’t say a word to me.

She just got tin the car and followed in her foot steps. we started toward my house and i saw lights flashing. My heart sank to the bottom of my stomach as i realized there were lights flashing down my road. We parked at the church right down the street because the rest of the road was blocked off. I kept telling myself ” Don’t cry, Don’t cry” I repeated that about 50 times until we started walking down to my house.

My mom still hadn’t spoken a word. As we arrive at my house my dad is talking to Vern Milburn and their backs were facing me. My dad turned around and just stared at us, still following along to whatever Vern was saying. I just stared at my burnt black house. The fire was still going on as the firemen were trying to put it out I’m pretty sure it took a total of three hours. I went back to school on my way back my mother told me the story as if my dad was telling it.

” I haven’t started the corvette up in awhile so i thought i would. I went and started it up and it sounded great and i went back inside looking at craigslist on the computer. I got up to go shut the car off and the car was all in flames and I could tell it started on the house. So i ran to the living room and scooped Zack up into my arms and the nurse followed me out the opposite door. I set Zack in the car and turned around to go get some more things from the house and the door I just came out of 2 seconds ago was covered in flames. I’m guessing someone already called it in because you could hear the sirens.

” I just listened carefully to what my mother was telling me. It was all such a shock to me. I never imagined that I would be homeless. Like legit homeless. The next couple of days we spent at Jennifer house and motel 60 is what Red Cross purchased for us.

I couldn’t and still cant describe whats it was like to realize all of this. To realize I had no home to no clothes, no anything. Luckily I left my bedroom door closed that day, which I usually get yelled at for. But I kept it open and everything in my room was just smokey and black. Nothing really burnt except for my door.

My parent’s room wasn’t that bad. The rest of the house….

well there was nothing left. Our bathroom was melted and nothing was left. Our kitchen was pretty much melted also. We started to clean the house up that night. Well my family did while I was at my basketball game, warming the bench.

My brother came home from college the next weekend for winter vacation and that’s what we spent doing is cleaning up the house, living in a tiny motel room that could probably be okay for two but no it fit five. My family from all over came and helped cleaning up and several months later the house was restored, but by that time we moved into a new house. But the house was done. But ever once a while I’ll pick something up, like a CD and it has smoke black stuff all over it and a smile kind of comes across my face. So we spent Christmas in a motel room that should only fit two but we some how managed to fit five.