The Grand Lift

If you were in charge of a big lift to space, how would you plan this event? In the event that happen on march of 1995 there was the grand lift.

In the grand experiment the lift was not well planned, and which lead to a lot of money being spent. The lift lead to 100 billion dollars of research outpost. There were multiple countries in this project where they can split the cost of materials. The U.S.

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and Russia supplied most of the material, which they over spent on thing not needed. The money also went toward the cost and the benefits to the astronauts. A majority of the money went to funding all the astronauts. A lot of that money could have gone to health benefits for the country. The lift was also not well planned, because of the little time that was given.

Because of the short amount of time, more money had to be brought in to get things done. That’s why 100 billion dollars were spent on the lift. Also time was cut short because everyone had to be accounted for. Everyone had to get the training for the worst case scenarios. There could have been more time given. This was the first time 13 people went into space which made them so unprepared.

Everything had to be built around 13 people. With everything being built around 13 people it lead to a little amount of time. Although the lift was unprepared, this trip was made history. It was the first time in history when 13 people went into space. As you can see, the lift was not well planned out and there was a lot of money spent in this project. The lift was an impact on history, but there was a lot of off sets in this project.

From the information above a lot more people in the world are over spending.