The Grateful and The Greedy

Presents. Everyone likes them, everyone yearns for them, and everyone can turn gratefulness into greed by one present. These are my Christmas presents, to some it may not look like a lot and to others it may look like I’m the luckiest person to have all these, but to me this is too many. It was Sunday when we finally finished our Christmas shopping and my sister Autumn and I were home wrapping up our last presents and putting them under the tree but I was persistent on not getting anymore even though my mom still bought things to try and make me happy.

There is no doubt of course I’m an ungrateful person on some occasions, though I try to be grateful for everything but then again everyone gets greedy sometimes right? Either way over the last year I met people who made me realize how good I have it and you know that feeling when you meet someone who is lesser fortunate than you so it makes your mind have a big twist to where you would give your life to them in a heartbeat? So many people in this world have a great life with enough food, gifts on special occasions, and nice friends/families when we don’t really have the chance to think about the ones growing up as a refugee or even the people in our own country who can’t speak out to let someone know that something is wrong and they need help! Have you ever wondered life would be like if everyone had a fair life? Or if no one was too rich nor too poor? Would people be more grateful for what they have if they find out how many people don’t get gifts on Christmas? I know I thought about these things while picking out presents, maybe next time you will too.

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