The Great Life of Alexander

People sometimes think of history as “boring” ????.The past truly isn’t. Our shining history is filled with all sorts of interesting things such as battles, wars,and warriors ????. Alexander the Great was one such warrior.

He was also a king and the ruler of Ancient Greece.This amazing king was an interesting person and he did many great things like keeping the Greeks’ story alive. Alexander the Great was a great military commander.He and his army always won their battles (Military History Monthly).This was due to his amazing leadership skills.Even with the very large amount of battles he fought he still didn’t lose.

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He has quite a large quantity of soldiers and he commanded them all too (DocumentaryTube).This being said, it took really good commanding skills to guide all of them in battle.Being good at planning out his battles beforehand,his army was always ready. Alexander owned an enormous empire when he was alive.He ruled almost all of Ancient Greece.

Alexander inherited a most of this forthcoming his father’s death ( was almost immediately made king and he inherited the already growing empire.Alexander also gained a lot of land when he was alive.This was mainly due to him never losing a battle and gaining quite a bit of land from many of those battles. Ancient Greece was already quite large.

He just made it larger. Once again, Alexander was a warrior and he was good being one too.He started out wanting to be a soldier when he was a child. He was finally taught by Leonidas of Epirus (Ancient History Encyclopedia)At this time you had to be determined to be a good warrior.This soon-to-be-warrior definitely has always been determined enough and soon he rose as a strong fighter.Sadly, King Alexander was killed after his kidnapping.

This was almost the only way he could be killed because it was unfair fight. Being unarmed, and fighting many that are armed, even some of the best warriors can fall.The Great Alexander was one of those “best warriors”. After learning much more about him, you probably now know how greatness of about how an amazing king helped people remember the Greek Empire.Given the ability to survive longer, I’m sure he would have done even more great things.It was made apparent that he would never die in a fair fight, which is why his enemies kidnapped him to kill him.With a ginormous empire, and many soldiers at his fingertips, there were few things he couldn’t do.