The high school bus schedule

Teachers wonder why kids aren’t awake in the morning. Gee I wonder why? Maybe it’s because of the bus schedule? Girls in high school have to get up at 5 in the morning to get ready in the morning so they don’t miss there bus.

I know that I spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning so I get up at 5:30 am just to get to my bus at 6:45 am. I mean why wouldn’t I be tired. All my friends have to get up sometime between 5 and 6 o’clock and we come to school tired and sleepy. Teachers wonder why we don’t participate so much in our first 2 class. Maybe it’s because were only keeping our eyes open so we don’t get in trouble. During Mid terms most of the kids after they finish are sleeping on there desks.

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Most kids my class can barely stay awake and do poorly because of it. My grades are worse in my first two period classes because I’m barely awake threw most of them. In the middle school most of the kids are still tired because they still have to get up early. Between 6 o’clock and 7 o’clock just to get to a bus or to make it to school in time. I remember when I was in middle school I was still dead tired because I don’t get enough sleep. The only way I ever got any sleep was going to bed at 7 o’clock.

That’s a crazy time for someone in high school. All the kids I know stay up until 10 o’clock to 1 in the morning. We don’t get enough sleep because we don’t have time for it. Most of my friends go to bed at 10 and get up at 5:30 am. That means were only getting 7 in a half hours of sleep.

That’s defiantly not enough for us. It is proven that a human body needs 8 hours of sleep. You’re barely giving kids that. Little elementary school kids are tired because there barely get that much. Kids are tired and they can barely stay awake. Weekends are like heaven to a kid since that’s the only time you can sleep and be able to enjoy it and get a good amount of sleep.

I know for a fact that all I want is to sleep on the weekends. My friends sleep until noon because there trying to gain all the time they’ve lost in school. There is no way any student can get enough sleep during the week and the teachers must be tired too. Imagine getting up at 3 or 4 in the morning and driving to a job so you can wait another 2 hours before your students arrive. Even then all the teachers can do is drink a lot of coffee and hope they stay awake too. One of my teachers are fed up with slamming a ruler on someone’s desk just to wake them up and the students are fed up with having to sleep during class and fail because they can’t get a good amount of sleep.

Teachers wonder why there first period classes do poorly. It’s because we get no sleep. The only way to solve this problem is move the high school schedule back an hour. All the students that I asked about this dilemma believe that that will be enough time for us to at least get a little bit more sleep. Not only the high school but move back all the schedules. Not just high school but middle school and elementary school too.

The little kids need plenty of sleep. They need to sleep as much as possible so there little brains can develop all they have learned. Middle school kids need to get a little more sleep so they can get good grades and go to high school. High school teens need to get good grades for there PST and SAT’s plus good grade’s in classes so they can go to a good collage. I believe that just moving back the schedule for a half an hour will be enough for any student. That will give most high school students 8 hours of sleep.

Maybe we’ll be able to pass high school. Maybe we’ll get into a better collage. Maybe we’ll get better grades. Maybe we’ll finally be awake in the morning in school and maybe teachers will finally be able to stay awake in the morning with out coffee. Set back the bus schedule so student’s can sleep.

Think of the children.