the history of cotton candy!

Do you want to know the history of cotton candy? Do you want to know who invented cotton candy? In this research paper there is interesting information about cotton candy. The history of cotton candy is that cotton candy used to be called “fairy floss” In the article about cotton candy it say in the website “the cotton candy was originally called fairy floss. The reason why they call it fairy floss is because one o the machine that they used was called floss machine. Also a sugar that they used is called floss sugar. The floss sugar goes in the middle center of the cotton candy machine. This is interesting because behind all of this they have a reason why they call it fairy floss. There’s a machine called the floss machine and a sugar called floss sugar.

It makes perfect sense. Another history about cotton candy is that back in the 1400s there was another version of cotton candy called “spun sugar”. In the article about cotton candy it says in the website “a version of cotton candy was called spun sugar.

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Before the 1900s they invented spun sugar because it’s sugary and sweet like cotton candy. Also the sugar was melted and drizzled over sheets or objects to create various forms made from sugar. This is interesting because before cotton candy was invented, there was a version of cotton candy which was spun sugar. The final history about cotton candy is that the cotton candy machine was an electric machine by two inventors. Morrison and Wharton. In the article about cotton candy it says “in 1899, Morrison and Wharton were able to patent the first cotton candy machine”.

The first cotton candy machine was used centrifugal force to spin and melt sugar through small holes, they also introduced there machine to the ST Louis World’s Fair. At the fair they sold 68,655 boxes of cotton candy. This is interesting because it’s cool how the first machine they invented was around the 1800s. Cotton Candy is a delicious pink cotton treat that everyone can enjoy. Cotton candy is one of the popular carnival treats around.

Cotton candy is a sweet taste that melts in your mouth. Will cotton candy change differently in the future or will it stay as its regular old fashion cotton candy? The world may never know.