the history of the illuminati

Illuminati The television screen turns black then it turns back-on.

Suddenly people with black capes show-up on tv, and you ask yourself, what is going on?They were the illuminati. A big group of people that were in the illuminati. Many people think illuminati is not important.think again the person that made illuminati was adam weishaupt. a lot of people have question about what was it, who made it, and why was it made.there is more to the illuminati than a group of people.

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The illuminati is a secret society thatmeet secretly. What is the illuminati “The illuminati is an conspiracy theory”( “The illuminati is a group of people that is either trying to take control or the world or is control “(

The illuminati is a group of people that worship the devil.Think the world is backward like the devil is good and god is bad.They do some kind of sermoningand rituals. They control the national government and many Organisation. That is what the illuminati is. Who made it Who made the illuminati.

Adam weishaupt he created the illuminati.???????? he was born in February 6,1748 in Bavaria,Germany. And he died November 18,1830. his father was johann- georg weishaupt Adam did not have a mother he just grew up with a dad. His dad died when he was five and he and he grew up in a Catholic school.

When he grow up he went to the college of ingolstadt to study law. Then when got out of college he created a society called the Illuminati. Why was it made The reason why the illuminati was made because Adam weishaupt want to talk freely. Give his own opinion about how they should run the world and other things. It was also made because some of the celebrity got rich off of being in the illuminati. They made it to see what control they have over the world and how can they take over the world.

That was the reason why it was made. Conclusion In conclusion the illuminati is a group of peoplethat are in this secret society. Many people in the world do not know about the illuminati and as soon if they read my essay about the illuminati they will know more about thesecret societyand what they’re trying to do to the world. The three main topic I talk about in my essay is what the illuminati is, who made it, and why was it made. What do you think is right for the world.

To have the illuminati or not to have the illuminati. That is what my conclusion is about the illuminati.