The Homecoming Football Game

“I believe that we will win!” is a common Mukwonago football cheer. The one week of the year where there are spirit days everyday which are days when kids dress up. Today, kids from Mukwonago schools countdown the minutes left in the school day.

Kids are counting down for the weekend to begin and to celebrate Homecoming with all their friends. Once the school bell rang, kids rushed to grab their backpacks and headed out the doors. Kids head to the football game wearing blue and gold clothing, ready to support the Mukwonago varsity football team. People enter the game to get seats to sit for the game, others go to get something to eat from the concession stands. “Go Mukwonago”, the students yelled and cheered for their home team. At the end of the game whichever team wins will take home the big trophy.

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Homecoming is the most crowded game of the season. Homecoming game is a big tradition in Mukwonago for everyone.