Game time

Walked into the gym on frigate winter morning the cold air filled my lungs it was time to play.

As the gamewent on the lead would keep changing east haven would score than would score then we would score.With 5 minute Leftto go in the game the clock ticking down in my head sweat dripping down my cheeks like a waterfall. I was already having a pretty good game 10 points and 5 assist. We were down45-42. After a couple minute of east haven just wasting clock and no one scored.

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With 30 seconds left I get the ball in to my point guard he passes the ball back to me I fake a long3 pointer the defender goes flying into the air like a soaring airplane. I drive right by him 5,4 the clock goes down two east haven defenders close on me I see my point guard wide open in the corner I pass him the ball 3,2,1 he gets the shot off splash tie game we were going into overtime against a team we have never beaten. With 10 seconds left in overtime the score still tied and my heart jumping out of my chest and then back in again the big east haven player drives down the lane 7,6,5 he leaps for the goal puts the shot up and misses it. I get the rebound but here the whistle blow the refs had call a foul against my team my heart deflated like a balloon that had just been popped because i new if they made one free throw we had lost the game.I step up to the line feeling devastated. The east haven takes two dribbles then take the shot my heart sank but when the shot came up short a jolt of happiness shot through my veins.

The east haven player bounced the ball on the ground three time this time. The followed me into the heated gym my team was on the court warming up for our arch rivals east haven. Our record against east haven was something like 0-10 we were terrified they were much faster than us and much bigger than us. Whee whee the whistle blew andeast haven came out the the locker room with her shiny blue jump suits and there bright yellow shoes. They were all laughing and joking around like they had already one the game.

Beep the game began from there on the game was like ground was shaking from our fans banging their feet onthe ground the shot goes up it rolls around the rim and goes in with 3 second left my team mate give me the ball and i through up with all my might but it still comes up about 5 feet short after all that hard work and effort we lost By one point i lie on the cold hard floor realizing how close we were. In conclusion the morale of the story is never take anything for grantedeast haven came out of the locker room thinking they were going to beat us bye thirty which they did every other time. But it ended up the best game that we had ever played bringing the best team into overtime and only lose by one point. We played our hearts out that day our coach was very proud of us even though we lost it was the best game that we had played all season. I still think back to that day and say that if I made that shot we would have won or if I didn’t foul the player maybe we would had went into another overtime.