Video game Violence Research

Opinion: Violent video games may cause children young and old to become violent! Fact: Violent video games can make a child young and old become smarter than you think! Stayingand playing violent video games do not affect the child’s aggression towards the other children.People believe that children that play violent games causes them to act violent they believe that it will make them aggressive,” Results suggest there is a smaller effect of violent video games on aggression than has been found with television violence on aggression.

This effect is positively associated with type of game violence and negatively related to time spent playing the games.” This shows that video games show positive with the type of video game like “Call of Duty”, “Mortal Kombat” are one of the few games that may cause to aggression. Some children may think that violent video games don’t cause them aggression, but parents may think ahead that later on it may happen to them. Research shows that violent video games can result to know the right from wrong and have a faster reaction on what is coming and have a clear mind on what is happening.”Once corrected for publication bias, studies of video game violence provided no support for the hypothesis that violent video game playing is associated with higher aggression.

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However playing violent video games remained related to higher visuospatial cognition (r x = 0.36).” So if a person plays the game and later comes out aggressive they will probably take it out on a non-lively object like a pillow, couch, or something that won’t break.Older parents may think that playing games can lead to lot of aggression, but it may help them in any situation like fast reflexes. Children gets good reaction when playing violent or nonviolent games. If they played like “Call of Duty” games it can help them have a better reflex on a opponent shooting at them or understanding on what happens to them if they get blown up by a C4.

Video game studies show that they can associate in positive aggression and negatively associated with prosocial behaviors like saying “No fair”, “It’s’ not fair”, or “Come on! How did you do that?”. In other researches there are studies less studies examined that mediating effects of personal characteristics between students playing video games and their social behaviors meaning that it doesn’t affect them in their personal life. ” Positive mood, as measured by positive affect, showed no significant increases or decreases after playing either video game. However, positive mood, as measured by general mood, showed a significant increase after playing the violent game for both boys and girls, but only as compared with the paper-and-pencil game.” so it’s possible that no game can cause violence towards children, but that is only towards after they played a violent video game for both boys and girls.

So if it’s a bloody, horror, or shocking violent video game it may never change how the child is acting daily everyday. Others need to understand the good and bad about the game more to get a better conclusion to either buy the game or not buy the game because if a person miss correctly think that “Assassin’s Creed” is bad, later on they’ll find out that it is a fun strategy game for an appropriate child to continue to play later on. In video games people may not realize it, but it can help young children and adults have a better effect on any situation they face during a crazy event happening in the game. Violent video games helps people think and have control over what they are about to do. The one game that people (gamers) believe that helps them in thinking and control is most likely is any ” Call of Duty” game there is.What “Call of Duty” games do is that it is fun to play in Campaign and/or Multiplayer to understand the circumstances that happen on what other think to understand what they need to accomplish.

Also while playing the first time on the game,gamers may become sloppy at first, but later on people will be able to have faster reflexes, faster control on what is happening toand later when not playing the game some mayhave better “Results suggest that long-term exposure to violent video games may be associated with desensitization as reflected in lower empathy, although the direction of causality remains unclear.” understanding on what is the difference between right and/or wrong.With a straight mind and control, it can allow them at least one hundred percent of understanding of what is going to happen next when they are angry or not right in the game.So if they can have a better advantage over what they can do on the Violent video game then they can have a better advantage over what they are doing in their personal social life. Violent games don’t make a person violent. Only the person can make him or herself violent.