The Ideal Father

The ideal father doesn’t sit around and let his children grow up without him.

He doesn’t neglect his children or dismiss their accomplishments with a sigh and wave of the hand. The ideal father is someone who puts family before work, encourages his kids for the smallest reason that make the child happy like making a project in class for example, and he is also someone that can always be relied on. For a father, when it comes to work and family, family should always come first. In the kite runner, a book about a boy named Amir living in Afghanistan and the many different challenges he faces during his life, Baba almost always put work before Amir. Page 14 explains about when Amir and Baba were at the opening of the orphanage when Amir tries to talk to Baba and all Baba does is grunt for a response is and continue filling out paper for work.

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A good father wouldn’t do that; they would respond to their son or daughter and actually communicate because that’s what family is supposed to do. An example of this is when my sister was taking out the garbage and there was a broken glass bowl in the bag and the glass had ended up cutting her leg badly. My dad heard about this while he was at work and immediately went home to take her to the hospital. This is a character trait of an ideal father. A father is supposed to encourage and keep hope faith alive in is children for their dreams and accomplishments, no matter what they may be.

For Amir this didn’t really happen until the end. When Amir mentioned his writing, Baba didn’t approve; he wanted Amir to be a lawyer or doctor because a doctor is a better job according to him. A real father will encourage his child to do whatever they want if it will make them happy. For example, my daddy always gets really proud of me if I do well in a class or tell him about my accomplishments and plans for the future; that’s what a father should do, not discourage them or put them down but celebrate the achievements. This represent the ideal father and helps the child because if family isn’t there to support the child, then they feel they have no one.

To be able to rely on someone is a great feeling; knowing that they’re there to help you and be honest with you no matter what, especially when that person is your father. I can always depend on my daddy because I know he will always try to give me the best advice and be honest with me no matter what. An example of this is when I was upset about something and he noticed and he asked me what was wrong, I didn’t have to bring the problem up to him. Baba is not a good father because when Amir was upset or annoyed at his birthday party his father just got embarrassed by him and didn’t even bother finding out what was wrong. The ideal dad doesn’t do that, he shows he cares.

To be a father is one thing, to be a dad is another. Being a father means you’re genetically related to the children. A dad shows he’s reliable and cares for his son or daughter. He doesn’t take a second thought on skipping work to spend time with his family and is supportive to his kids. The ideal father is not just to be part of his kid’s life but to be a daddy as well.