The Father of the Electric Era- A Report on Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was a very intelligent man. He grew up to be one of the most well known contributors to the life that we have today. Some evidence that the world has of his impacts on the world is the light bulb, the “Tesla Coil”, and many other things that have to do with electricity and alternate currents.Tesla’s inventions help people in their everyday life.What if he was never born?If he was never born, we might not have the inventions, that he made, in the world today.There are different resources that show, why all of the things that he has done help the world today.

Nikola Tesla was a well known researcher, inventor, and wise man. Hopefully, this report will inform people about what he has done for us, and why it has impacted this world. NIKOLA TESLA’S EARLY LIFE AND EARLY TIMES Nikola Tesla grew up in a Serbian Orthodox home.He was greatly influenced by his family and his religion.When he was younger, he had an interest in electricity and electrical hardware, which his mother had encouraged.

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She would invent small household appliances in her spare time while Nikola and his siblings were growing up.When Nikola was 28 years old, he decided to move from Europe to America.Initially, he worked for Thomas Edison as an assistant, but his biography states that after a short amount of time Nikola quit. (Tesla’s Biography)Researchers, who have studied and researched information on Nikola Tesla, believe he was a very bold and brave man. Nikola didn’t consider Edison a very noble boss, especially not someone that he wanted to work for, so he quit. (Tesla’s Biography)When he quit working for Thomas, he started to work independently in addition to working with Mark Twain.

Nikola and Mark worked on Nikola’s ideas, such as the “Tesla Coil”, and the alternate current system. NIKOLA TESLA’S DEATH AND WHAT HAPPENED AFTERWARDS Nikola Tesla died alone in his hotel room.Autopsies have shown that Nikola Tesla had died alone in his hotel room he had checked into, but the real sad thing was that he was by himself with no one else.No foul play was found. (Nikola Tesla)This event is a very sad event.

No one was there to possibly save his life.He was alone when he died.Some evidence is that there are websites that show his autopsy of his death and tell you when, where, how, why, and other information of his death. (Tesla’s Biography) At first, there was a lot of debating about who or what could have possibly killed Nikola.What if someone else was there, Nikola might not have died that night.He would be dead by now, but he could have lived longer than how long he actually did.He has been one of the bravest men that I have ever researched.He is a noble, very trustworthy person.The second to last paragraph is just around the corner, so stay tuned for more information on Nikola Tesla.