Tesla Case Study

It’s difficult to find a person who is interested in cars, ecology or IT and who has never heard of Tesla Motors. However, Tesla Motors case study analysis allows coming to a conclusion that this company has come a long way to success.

Ecology and Innovations

Over the past half-century, a lot of brands whose activities are directly related to the production of cars appeared in the USA. Tesla Motors managed to make a real revolution. This company turned the perception of a car of the XXI century.Today, the car is no longer perceived as a luxury, available only to wealthy citizens. Nevertheless, in the struggle for engine power, speed and attempts to turn the car into a comfortable four-door “house on wheels,” not only the leading concerns involved in the production of cars but the entire world economy have been tied to an exhaustible natural resource – oil.It is this oily substance, called “black gold” that has led to the dependence of human comfort on impressive monetary costs.

Tesla Motors is one of the most innovative and creative companies among modern automakers. Its electric cars made a revolution in the automotive industry, and home energy stores are going to displace the oil-producing area from the market. Its founders have created autos of a new generation.The face of Tesla Motors Company is the well-known businessman-innovator Ilon Mask, who in early 2000 together with the founders of Google Larry Page and Sergey Brin believed in an ambitious project and gave it the right to exist. The surprising combination of innovation, the ecological approach, and modern technologies makes a case study on Tesla the actual topic for research.

The main goal of this company is to make electro mobiles a mass product. According to Mask himself, he never considered this idea as the best object for investing money or a company with the help of which it is possible to receive super profits. He wanted to prove that a beautiful electric car with a large power reserve on one charge is no longer a fantasy.When constructing Tesla Motors case study, it is necessary to mention a person in honor of which the company is named.  The ideas developed at the beginning of the last century by the Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla helped the engineer and entrepreneur Ilon Mask to change the world of automotive industry in just 12 years.

Nikola Tesla is rightly called the second Leonardo da Vinci. He is a “mysterious genius,” “master of lightning,” and “light tamer.” It is impossible to overestimate his influence on the life of modern man. A large-scale electrification of the entire planet began thanks to him. He proposed to use a transformer. According to some sources, he invented the first radio transmitter, described the first radio-controlled models, laid down the principles of robotics, and invented a counter, a speedometer, luminescent lamps, an X-ray, and an electric clock.

Throughout his life, Nikola Tesla dreamed of enslaving such a natural phenomenon as lightning. All his developments had two main goals: obtaining cheap energy that would be available to every inhabitant of the earth and the possibility of transmitting electricity without wires to any distances.Tesla case study

Why Tesla Motors Deserves Attention?

There is an opinion that electric cars are only for very rich people.

The company seriously undertook to correct this stereotype. The latest development – Model 3 costs 35 thousand dollars, which is relatively inexpensive in comparison with its predecessors. The power reserve of three hundred kilometers in conjunction with the “democratic” price should completely change the attitude of consumers to electric cars.In its work, Tesla Motors adheres to the same principle as the creators of the free software. Despite the presence of a large number of patents, the company allows all manufacturers who are interested in the production of electric vehicles to use its developments.

In this way, Tesla Motors hopes to give an additional impetus to the development of environmentally friendly transport.Today every authoritative brand stands out with its own chips. Tesla electric cars have a lot of them. One of such things is the smart air suspension, which itself can adjust the clearance between the car and the highway. The functions of these cars can be changed by updating the software in approximately the same way as with smart phones and other electronic gadgets.

In 2013, after several incidents of ignition of cars due to impact on foreign objects, the company immediately released a software patch that increases ground clearance. In the new version of the firmware, the developer plans to add functions of a full-fledged autopilot.To recharge its cars, Tesla Motors deploys a network of Supercharger stations around the world. Owners of these autos can charge batteries at such stations absolutely free.Electric transport is the future of the automobile industry, which is gaining popularity day by day.

For this reason, conducting Tesla Motors case study is relevant and interesting.