Nikola Tesla- The smartest monkey around

Nikola Tesla is one of the most important and intelligent scientist/engineer/inventor to maybe, just maybe, ever live. He owns the title of being the inventor of ze Tesla Coil and of AC. Plus a few hundred inventions. Although many were stolen by many different people. Mainly his boss and coworker Thomas A.

Edison. (Nikola Tesla Paragraph 1) Though Tesla was a mechanical genius, he was no genius when it came to business. He had numerous different would-be-patents if it weren’t for someone being craftier. Such as Thomas A. Edison, who stole perhaps one of his most important inventions, being the light bulb, which, I think you’ve heard of.

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Due to his lack of capability in the field of business, he ended up dying penniless. He never made much profit from his breakthroughs. Though he did get lucky withbusiness partner, that man being George Westinghouse. Westinghouse was one of the people who funded his research on Tesla’s AC and allowed him to join the American Institute of Electrical Engineers. Westinghouse was also the inventor who first launched and AC power system to power a part of Boston. He was also a huge competitor to Edison, Tesla’s biggest enemy.

What’s not to love. So Tesla was hired by him, he helped Tesla get a few of his patents because he obviously needs help with that. He was later given his own lab. Then Edison had to do what he always does and ruin everything that’s going good for Tesla. He arranged for a guilty murderer to be killed by Tesla’s AC, showing it was something to be feared. Ironically, he created a way of executing criminals that’s still being used today.

Sadly, due to the royalties owed to Westinghouse, Tesla had to pitch by himself. Fortunately, he was forced to retract the contract and relinquish the fees that Tesla had to pay. Going into the 1890’s, Tesla had numerous amount of patents. He invented electric oscillators, meters, improved lights and the high-voltage transformer known as the Tesla coil. He experimented with X-rays and short range radio communications, 2 years before Guglielmo Marconi. For being such a brilliant man, he made a lot of mistakes.

Like how he ignored every woman who was romantically interested in him in favor of his “Precious Work”.He ended up dying all alone and penniless.Sadly, in 1895, Tesla’s lab burned down which destroyed years of his work. After he moved back to New York from moving to Colorado Springs and created a communication center on a tower in Wardenclyffe. Also unfortunately, funds ended up running out and put him on the road. Nikola Tesla died on January 7, 1943 and in a New York, New York apartment with the title of “3327”.

He died at the age of 86. Due to him failing at businessmanship and being so anti-romance so he can work on something that he would never make any profit, or at least not enough to last him long enough. He was also seen talking to pigeons while he was feeding them. He also gave them names and saying that he could specify between the many he had given names, although they were almost exactly alike when it came to looks and the sounds they made. So he died alone, scared, in poverty and clinically insane. Such an intelligent and powerful mind degraded to naming and talking to flying rats that ate his stale bread.