The Indian Education Transition

As global connection increases, it bridges the gap between different regions and cultures. One of the major focus areas of this connection is the field of primary education.

How does the education system in one country differ from another? Take India, for example. How is education in the United States different from in India? The education system in India has an old-styled British education tradition blended with an ancient gurukul system. If you were to go to an Indian school, the first thing you might notice is that the students are wearing uniforms. You have to sit in one classroom all day. Every teacher walks into the student’s class and the students need to be ready, with the right books and materials, including a textbook and a notebook. The teacher reads a chapter out loud, and then students answer questions from the textbooksin their notebooks.

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For assessments, studentsneed only memorize the answers theyjust wrote. These are just a few of the differences; it is impossible to state which system of educationis better. In American education, more emphasis is given to reading, writing, math, and understanding concepts. Studentsare provided with the freedom to choose class subjects and are encouraged to take an interest in theirstudies. The classrooms are more interactive and open.

Sports form an essential part of the curriculum, but only children who are selected to participate can take advantage of the opportunity. Technological education, arts, foreign languages and more such subjects are given equal importance along with the corecurriculum subjects. In Indian education, on the other hand, curriculum is designed for childrenandincludes all the subjects that have been specified. Additionally, there are extra-curricular activities in which students can participate, although they are not mandatory. Sports are a minor part of the Indian system and areopen to everyone who would like to learn.

Comparing both of these systems is like comparing an Apple to an orange. These systems cannot be compared as both of them are trying to reinforce education using different styles. There have been successful people emerging from both systems.