Transition to College

As a high school senior, my teachers have guided me through most of my education. In my calculus and science classes, the teacher’s notes have always been sufficient for understanding the class curriculum, so reading the text book has rarely been necessary.

I have not had to take on most of the challenges of independent study, but as I enter university, where I plan on educating myself to the fullest, self-education is critical. Even though my high school teachers have adequately prepared me for this challenge, I have not yet had to completely depend on myself to learn class information; however, in college this will not be the case. A teacher is meant to be a guide who gives students the tools they need to be able to teach themselves. It is one of the themes of the Hindu religion, true learning can only occur once a person has their own experiences and makes his own connections. As Herman Hesse makes clear in his novel Siddhartha, “wisdom is not communicable.

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” By this Hesse means a person who seeks wisdom cannot obtain it simply by listening to the teachings of others, but rather he must have his own adventure and reach understanding through his own achievements. During my time at university, this will certainly be a challenge I will undertake. I have very high expectations for myself, now and for the future, and I plan to educate myself as thoroughly as possible, and soon this will all lie in my own hands. To gain true knowledge in the field of my choice, I will have to educate myself with as little outside assistance as possible. This will not be simple, but I have never before been so excited to accept a challenge. This new level of learning will be the climax of this first chapter of my life, and it will set the foundation for the rest of my career.