Essay on The Ivy Hysteria

The Ivy League hysteria was started way before I was born. Girls and guys all over the world are focusing their dreams on a certain college and sometimes they get too focused and competitive over these things. I am not saying everyone is like his, but some people feel that if they don’t get into an Ivy League college, their dreams will be forever crushed. That is not the case! Before you post a maniacal outcry on how your future will be crushed if your perfect school has not accepted you, calmly think about different options before setting your mind on that university. Maybe search the different options in your own community, even if community college is not your #1 choice. Maybe you like the environment, but don’t like the number of student body.

Put it into a list of your ideal college. Do research online to find out which places suit your habits and lifestyle the most. I sound tedious and boring, but really, it’s true. Do your research and you might find out you’d prefer a different college than Ivy League. If you’re still not convinced, you yourself are suffering by limiting your options.

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Oh, and also, those Ivy League colleges would love if you would have an open mind about things. Just a little tip.