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Being in a bad mood as a student is totally understandable with the hectic lives we live today.

There are so many things that can irritate a person that come hand in hand with activities we do everyday. Simple tasks such as waking up in the morning, driving to school, and even walking down the hallway can annoy students. The worst way I can imagine starting a day is by hearing an obnoxious beeping noise, and having the sheets ripped off of my bed. Yet this is how every school day starts for me. Every morning around 7:00 my alarm begins to beep louder and louder until It finally wakes me from my slumber. Once I am awake the temptation of sleep usually lures me back under the covers until they’re violently ripped off by my mother.

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The cold air then stings my body. This is my motivation to begin getting dressed for school. Starting every morning on such a sour note is a sure way to worsen someone’s mood. Everyone is a little more irritable on the road when they are driving somewhere they do not want to go. Which explains why other drivers always seem to be in the way while I am driving to school. My number one pet peeve when driving to school is when another car pulls out in front of me and then proceeds to drive a few miles per hour under the speed limit.

It is a given that I am going to be late leaving for school in the morning so I have no patience for slow drivers. Another driving situation that really gets me fuming in the mornings is when I hit every red light on my migration to school. The stop lights in town are set up so if you hit one red light you hit them all. This is a late students worst nightmare. Driving to school is unavoidable and almost a guarantee to worsen someones mood. Arriving to school in a good mood is hard enough as it is but not becoming irritated once you are there is an even more challenging task.

Even when walking through the halls minding my own business I can still easily pick out a few things that I find annoying and unnecessary. Since we are only given four minutes to get from one class to the next, students are always walking through the halls at a rather fast pace. As a slow walker, I receive many rude comments about how slow I am going. Occasionally I even get bumped into by an underclassman who did not see me sauntering through the hallway. Making it from class to class without becoming irritated is an extremely challenging task to do which is why I always think it is understandable when I or my fellow classmates show up to class in poor moods. As students, we put up with many irritating incidents that are annoying but unavoidable.

Waking up in the morning, driving to school, and walking through the halls are all necessary things we have to do every morning. It is nearly impossible to go through all of that every morning and not become agitated. Which is why I deem it perfectly acceptable for students to be in poor moods throughout the school day.