Personal Essay

I was sitting in the chair.

It was rainy, cloudy, and windy and hard to see the pool. We didn’t close and the pool was almost empty. The whole pool maybe had 30 people. I thought it was going to be a calm day because the weather was so gross. There was thunder and it was no longer sunny.

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It was a typical day at work nothing but the basic days work. I was having a bad feeling about the day. I had a feeling that since nothing was happening that i the manger would audit someone. The coffee was slowly going away in my blood stream and i was crashing. My position for work was Hulk and it was almost over i had less than 10 minutes left.

Hulk was the guard chair by the diving boards. As a first year guard it scared all of us of course it was because thats were everyone had the most saves from. I had sat multiple times in this postion and never once had to get in but then something i never thought would happened. This kid probably around 5 goes off the diving board and is having trouble swimming. I start to stand up ready to jump in and then…He starts to swim on his back and stay a float and the mom looked at me and said “You don’t have jump in for my son he can swim you know.

” The lady’s sass was unreal because i was just doing my job. I only had 5 minutes left and i thought that must have been my biggest scare today and the feeling in my gut went away or so i thought. With only five minutes left i was scanning throughly and making sure everything was safe. I saw another little kid jump in off the high dive and thought to my self please be able to swim. It sounds awful but it was almost closing time and the coffee had fully worn off.

I know my job was to save him if needed. First the biy seemed to be doing find but then out of nowhere the boy started to bob up and down. Once i saw this i blew my whistle and jumped in he was down only a couple inches under. I pulled him up and when i did he was still breathing and was fine. We found his parents and took him to the office to make sure he was fine.

My heart during the instant i jumped in was racing a million beats per second. I almost forgot what to do in this situation but then i calmed myself down and did what i was trained to do. This incident was more a life lesson. It was a life lesson because sometimes you feel you can’t do something but when it comes down to it you do anything you want to do. This experience has amde me more compassonate and more helpful towards others.

I used to be just a fun, cracking jokes, and doing things for me. After saving the boy my life changed I become more and more helpful towards everyone. I used to think others peoples problems werent mine but sometimes they can be. No one ever knows what can makeaperson change a small thing or maybe a huge life changing incident. My thing was maybe small to some but it has inspired me to be a nurse so i can help people all the time. I want to be a nurse because of this day.