The Kongo Tribe

The Bakongo Tribe Kongo people No one should not know about the Bakongo tribe, also known as the Kongo people. The Kongo people lived along the Atlantic Coast of Africa.In the text of (Guide) it says”The Bakongo religion centers on ancestor and spirit cults, which also play a part in social and political organization”.

which means they believed when you die you’ll go to a village of ancestors and the ancestors will watch over your family. Religion “A tradition of prophetism and messianism among the Bakongo has given rise in the 20th century to nativistic and political-religious movements” as stated in the text of (“Guide”). Kongo people beliefs are mostly “Christianity, Kimbanguism,and indigenous beliefs”.The Bakongo were one of the first African people to use Christianity as a tribe.They believe that a spirit called “Nzambe” made the universe “Nzambe” lives above a world of ancestor spirits.

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The kongo people believe that when a family member passesaway normally he or she joins a spirit village of the ancestors that looks after the people that are living. So not everybody in the kongo tribe are christians(“Bakongo”). Location “There are about 1.6 million kongo people living in Angola, 1.1 million in the Democratic Republic of the Congo , and 600,000 in the Republic of congo where they are the largest ethnic group” as stated in the text(“Bakongo”) .

In “Angola” they are the third largest group of the population.Today the Bakongo people are recently living in their homeland. It is quite and has a lot of mountains and is very dry in August and September. There homeland is what keeps them together as a tribe. Clothing Back in the day Bakongo people wore clothes that was made from bark and they softened it by pounding the bark.

The Bakongo used Western clothing. Photographs from the late 1880s show that their wearing suits over their wraparound skirts.In the text of “(Guide)” it states “They usually are considered to be very proper dressers by other Congolese”. But families had to buy clothes at a market and children would usually wear a collared shirt with shorts on a daily basis. Conclusion The bakongo tribe seems very interesting because I learned more about african tribes than I thought I knew about.

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