The menace that wouldnt stop chewing

In every class that I’ve been in there’s a menace. This person is a menace not because of the inability to not stop talking. It’s also not because of their horrid hygiene.

It’s because of their nerve-racking, unstoppable jaw smacking sensation of smacking bubble gum. Every time they bite down on the gum sounds like a gunshot,” bam, bam, bam”. You tell the person,” Stop chewing that gum” and then they stop for a while. Then a few minutes later it starts back up. In every class there’s at least one delinquent that has to break everybody’s concentration by smacking on that succulent mouth watering gum. You can’t not stop that monster no matter how many times you tell them spit it out.

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As soon as they sit down, they drop another piece in their mouth.