STAAR testing needs to Stop

Do you ever wonder how many kids would like to rip the STAAR test? I bet you almost all the students in school absolutely hate STAAR.STAAR testing needs to stop because kids all over Texas go crazy over the giant test at the end of the year. kids all over the world stress over a giant test.

They are never calm when it comes to STAAR testing.I have seen plenty of kids tell their parents they aren’t ready for the “big” test at the end of the year.They complain to each of the teachers how hard it is to sit there and think about a test they were never ready for.I don’t think there are any kids that just love having pressure on their chest. some of the questions on the test is about things we learned at the beginning of the year.

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It is hard to remember what you learned at the very beginning of the year. I know I have trouble struggling at the beginning because i’m learning about math, social studies, language arts, reading, and science when I were gone during summer. kids can have awesome grades in class can fail the test and get held back.I do hear plenty of kids say they hate the fact that the test and make their brain go blank and the they fail. When they fail the test most likely they will get held back even though their grades were good.

They could understand everything they learn but still get held back because of a test at the end of the year. The smartest kid in the world could fail and get stuck with being held back. Kids that go into the 8th grade always freak out the most because all throughout their brain is ” what if I fail, I have to stay will the other grade. I don’t want too. I want to go to high school.

” STAAR testing needs to stop. Kids are over- working their brain with hatred of the STAAR test. Kids never would have stressed if no one invented the stupid STAAR test.