Ban Stupid Tests Like the STAAR

Did you know that most studies have shown that more children who aren’t prepared to take the STAAR tests, and any other tests are more likely to have more stress than they usually get from things like doing homework or cleaning their room or doing the dishes or clothes? STAAR tests should be banned because when you take the test the teachers expect you to remember all that you learned that year, while that’s cool and all we students cannot remember everything that we learned in that school. Plus all of the questions that they give you in the STAAR test cause stress to kids who don’t know a lot, and causes them to fail. Kids cannot remember everything for the STAAR test which causes stress, and causes them to fail, and redo the school year all over again.

Kids already learned about everything in that year, so why not just give a rest so that they can be prepared for the next school year? Every kid that walks through those school doors are always wishing that they don’t get a test, so why would you give them all of those tests in one, and make their stress even worse than it already is? This is why and many others think why the STAAR tests should be exterminated from the Earth so that we don’t have to worry about something like that and worry about something more important.

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