The Mess

A time in my life that was fun that I remember was over this past summer outside of my house on cape cod.

It was fun because me and my cousin Joe would go out on our kayaks and go fishing. Fishing is very relaxing for me and I look forward to going out every time I go to Cape Cod. My grandma’s house is right on a cove and it is the perfect place to take my kayak out and fish. I’ve been fishing there since I was 2 years old and could hold a fishing pole. There is something very special about reeling in a good catch. Part of the reason I enjoy fishing so much is because of the time of day we go.

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We found that a good fishing time was early in the morning or late in the day. We chose this time because it made it harder for the fish to tell if the bait was a real fish or just some artificial lure . Another reason I chose this time of day would be because this was feeding time for the fish and they were hungry so they struck fast and did not think about what they were biting. When the big fish got hungry they really wanted to eat. Also they had to eat to get bigger so they could compete with the other fish and outswim the fish that were trying to eat them when they go into the open ocean.

This strategy is very good because you are trying to trick the fish and that takes some thinking on my part. I find it fun and sort of like a game to fool the fish into biting my bait. When I was out on the water this past summer, I could taste the salty water all around me. The salty air seems to get under your skin and settle there in an uncomfortable state. I love feeling the early morning sun beat down on me from above and warm my skin like a fire on a cold winter day.

I had to be careful while out there to cover any exposed skin so I didn’t ruin a good day with a painful sunburn. I would know how bad it feels from past experience and that it makes for a better day if I wear long sleeves and a hat. While out on the waterwe always had many challenges in fishing.Some are the many seals that were swimming around and eating the fish.They have become overpopulated on the Cape and pose a great threat to the sustainability of the fish I like to catch. However, I did like it when they would pop up near me as if to say hello and became curious.

Another challenge I faced with fishing in this area was the major boat traffic from the marina just around the corner.They scared the fish away and polluted the waters.The last threat was the waves that the boats made when they passed.I worriedthat they might flip me over.These challenges are what I looked forward to in our fishing adventures all summer long.

This fun time in my life even though it has challenges was still my most memorable time. Probably my most favorite part of this fun was getting to reel in the fish once we caught them. The kinds of fish that I caught were called strippers.The legal catch limit is one per person, and they have to be over 24 inches long.Although I never caught any fish over the limit it was still fun and I did the right thing and let them go.

This will make sure that next summer I will still have plenty of fish to catch. Sometimes I would also go for the fish called snappers which were unlimted to the amount that you could keep and they could be any size. My parents always made sure I made smart choices when fishing. Safety was always their main priority and it made for a more enjoyable experience because I never got hurt.They made me bring a small Motorola 2-way radio that allowed for direct communication with my parents.

It is a marine radio which is fun to listen to because I hear other boaters talking.It is also waterproof and connects me to the Harbor Master so I will be safe.I always felt comfortable knowing that someone was always listening in case I needed help. I learned that it is better to be safe when out on the water fishing.Occasionally the Harbor Master comes around to check on us.

He is like the police of the water. They enforced rules like no speeding and illegal fishing and help people who are in trouble.I always felt safer knowing they were around. I learned a lot about life from fishing and I had a lot of fun.It also helped with many of my social skills like patience because you had to wait for the fish to come. I’m looking forward to continuing fishing for a lifetime of good memories.