The Marvelous Advances of Fishing

How are we ever catching, moving and distributing enough fish in order to quench the desire of seven billion people? Over the last few decades the fishing industry has applied various new technological changes in order to keep up with demand. Before the modernization of fishing was a primary consumption for those who caught the animal and ate it or sold it before it went bad. Now, with a rising population, who search for healthy foods, the demand for these animals have skyrocketed. Catching: New Fishing Technologies. There is a wide variety of new techniques used for fishing that have recently been introduced.

These are new intelligent nets that can let the small and unwanted fish leave by driving them into a large PVC tube liner and releasing those that are not perfect before bringing the others onboard. “Any by-catch, such as sharks or stingrays – as well as juvenile fish that didn’t manage to escape through the portals – can then be released back into the ocean alive, the developers of the technology claim”(Adams, C. 2013). There have been incredible advances in the use of electric reels in order to fish in extremely deep waters with ought having to reel up an immense line. These new technologies have have revolutionized the array of fish caught, as well as the accuracy of these fish.

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Moving: New Boats and Equipment. Boating companies have been exploring new features to implement on vessels to make them more efficient and safer. The use of new designs to make the hulls has made boats lighter, bigger, and wider; which creates more storage space for the catch and distribution. “A radical departure from conventional deep-V hull geometry, the revolutionary new Cutwater Hull design incorporates a number of features that together deliver a smooth ride, straight tracking, agile, responsive performance, and maximum fuel economy. With all these advantages, each Cutwater model offers the range to expand everyoneis cruise horizons while providing exceptional comfort underway” (Cutwater, 2013). Mostly all ships now have sonars and GPS to aid them in their movements and charts, which work by emitting high pitched sound waves and listening to the eco in order to determine the proximity and size of objects.

This incredible innovation is also used to locate fish under water making it easier for fishermen to locate and catch. These developments in equipment make it much easier and safer for fishermen to do their job. Farming: New Production. This idea has revolutionized the fishing business, because fish are no longer scarce. “According to the few remaining fishermen, global warming and modern farming methods, has meant that the average number of fish caught has dropped” (GETTY, 2008). The technique for fish farming has been in place since 2500 BCE, but has only recently been used worldwide.

Fish farming is agricultural in nature, and involves raising fish in large enclosed tanks in order to sell them commercially. The most common fish being farmed now is carp, tilapia, salmon, and catfish. “Fish farming, also known as aquaculture, is the process of raising fish in an enclosed area for use in the fishing industry. (..

..) Every year, such farms throughout the world produce over 65 million tons, of many varieties of sea life for harvesting.” (Wisegeek, 2012) There are still advances to be made in this area regarding larger animals, because they need constant swimming and lots of space like tuna. This astounding improvement has yealded more fish and safty for fisherman worldwide. Technology has improved the fishing industry by applying to many areas of this large industry.

It has created new strategies in order to catch fish that were not as accessible as they are now, and make it all the much safer and efficient to do so. It has also influenced the profitability and magnitude of fish that can be grown almost agriculturally. These advances create jobs, opportunities, and industries to thrive under. We should use this technological impact in order to blossom as a community economically and nutritiously. These are some of the marvelous ways technology has improved in order to satisfy the world. Works Cited Adams, C.

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