The Only Escape is Death

Imagine yourself trapped in cage out in the freezing cold and blazing heat crowed with at least five more individuals side by side. Were your only escape is death this is the tragic tangible world of several animals around the world. Animals treated as if they were nothing more a piece of fabric to make a coat. These places are called fur farms and they must be stopped! The conditions in fur farms are nothing short of the blazing fire pits hell.

Animals are forced to live in crowed cages with multiple others. The animals are left with no protection to fend off the worst Mother Nature has at her disposal. These include scorching days, unforgiving winters, never ending pouring rains, hail smashing against the animals unprotected bodies. Animals are poorly fed and I some cases having to resource to cannibalism. An unfortunate site is seeing an animal that just give birth eat their young. They only way to escape the atrocities of the fur farms is death but, even those last breaths can be even more painful than a life of misery.

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Small animals are put into small boxes were they are poisoned by engine exhaust. Larger animals used to have champs applied to their mouths and are electrocuted, but this method has been banded. In some cases animals are hit with repeated blows to the head using wooden clubs they may also swing the animals by the legs beating their heads into the ground. Some witnessed animals that are still alive being skin. After they are done removing the skin the animals are thrown on a pile of other carcasses. Animals that still alive continue breathing for up to ten minutes To every coin there are two sides it’s only fair that you are informed of both of them.

Some people argue that there are responsible fur farm owners who do take care of their animals. Another point to defending fur farms is that it would hurt the economy since several companies would go out of business. This in turn would affect the workers leaving them unemployed. Now that you know the two sides of this coin its time you take a stand on this issue. Will you side to end an industry that has no remorse and will keep on mistreating animals? Will you choose to defend the fur farms to protect the jobs of its workers?