The Path to CCR

At my high school, being labeled as “CCR” is a privilege many students aspire to achieve. “CCR” stands for College and Career Ready. For those of us who have not yet achieved this status, we wonder what it is like for those who have. Thanks to our very own Nick, the only CCR male in our school, we now have some insight as to what being College and Career Ready really is. Referring to what the benefits of being CCR are, Nick replied saying “Knowing that I am CCR is enough. I’ve never personally gotten any special advantages…except the CCR lunches.

” Nick also claimed that his peers don’t see him any differently for being the only CCR male in school. Contrary to Nick’s belief that CCR students don’t receive many benefits, you must remember that colleges would be more interested in a student who has been proven ready for college than a more typical, less prepared student. If you would like to become College and Career ready like Nick, he says you must “…be able to understand it [what the teachers are teaching] and put it to use on the test.” Nick also thinks you must “Study as much as you can,…get enough rest, eat enough breakfast, and…know how to pace yourself.” For more information on test-taking skills and study tips, our guidance counselor Ms.

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