The Real Answer

How important is your writing to you? I spent from 6th hour to now trying to answer that. I know what my answer is supposed to be, my writing is very important to me, but honestly that’s not the truth. Writing and the assignments that come with it seem to just add stress to my already busy life. I don’t mean to complain but the thought of writing a paper doesn’t make me want to stop everything and pick up a paper and pencil. To me, writing is just another assignment that I need to get done.

Just because writing isn’t my top priority doesn’t mean I don’t take pride in it. But as I sit here writing this I think I take more pride in the grade that I get on the paper than in the writing itself. I’m not an awful writer, or at least I don’t think I am. It’s just that I am very focused on my grades and if you get too caught up in one thing then you are slacking in another. So I do what I need to to get the grade and then I move on to the next assignment. Because of this mentality I have built for myself I don’t do any unnecessary or not-for-school writing.

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For some people “unnecessary” writing is their escape, or their way to relieve stress, but for me the thought of writing something that isn’t assigned sounds tiring. But for my life that makes sense. In my future I won’t be writing essays about whether or not my writing is important to me because I won’t be writing at all. In all honesty writing isn’t very important to me. I come to school to do the work and get the grades, and I will do anything it takes to get my grades where they need to be. Including write five page essays that have nothing to do with what I want to do in my future, because that is just part of life.

It may not be my favorite thing to do and I may not do it in my free time but I do what needs to be done.