The answer to everyone's question

You already have the answer to the ultimate question. The answer is right in front of you, in actuality it is all around you; it is you, it is them, and it is us. The ‘us’ part is what many seem to have trouble understanding, due to lack of empathy. You, yes you I speak on behalf of, have indefinitely at some point thought, “What is the point of my existence?” or “Why am I here?” and after some thought, or possibly no thought thereafter leads you to dismiss the question because the answer is seemingly unanswerable.

The next peace of this puzzle is modifying the original question, “What is the point of our existence?” yet once again you struggle to find the answer yet I assure you that you are closer to the truth. The final question for you to ask is “Why does life exist?”. Do not confuse that predicament with “how did life come to be?”, rather think logically. The derivative, or ‘where the hell we came from’, is a totally different ball game. Nevertheless, everything that exists shares one thing in common, a purpose.

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In order for any living creature to carry out that purpose requires the functionality (ability) to do so. What is peculiar however, is that some creatures that exist or have existed do not fulfill their purpose. The universe isn’t a very leisurely place for the living thus there are consequences (for failure). For instance, when a species can’t stay alive they join the 99.9% club.

99.9% of species that once lived on this earth are legitimately extinct, that is, all of them are permanently dead. So how does this all connect? Defining purpose as a predestined role and function as the actions or lack of action to be utilized for the purpose… Every living thing has a function, or purpose.

When that living creature dies they can no longer function Every creature dies eventually Noticing that we all share the same fate (death), it comes down to three possibilities if not all: The purpose of our life is to live, reproduce and continue to fight our fate against nature (or the universe). Because no creature has ever lasted forever, our purpose is to simply exist and possibly attempt to defy nature by living forever This last one is debatable: No one lived forever or is(as they would still be here today) thus our purpose is to eventually stop functioning because in order to have a purpose you must exist. The only exception to that law is if our purpose is to not exist at all. If you have grasped this abstract concept you may skip ahead. If you have no idea what I am talking about then lets apply these concepts to everyday life.

Purpose #1: When you wake up in the morning to go to work, school or to do nothing you exhaust energy to walk to the car, you exhaust energy driving it and you exhaust energy thinking about what you are reading right now. What you are doing on a daily basis is resisting the forces of nature. This resistance is in all of us. We are predestined to want to survive, and furthermore make life. Purpose #2: Do what you like to do, ride a bike, take a hike or get a wife. [Insert surfer dude accent]Just exist, just be dude.

Purpose #3: Never be born, oops I suppose that isn’t your choice and if your reading this it is already too late. The second part to this possible purpose is to just give up, if life is too difficult for you or you’re a slave, a lonely housewife, whatever, you always have the option of dieing. *NOTE: I highly suggest you don’t do this as it sucks to not exist and it’s a crime to kill yourself, and a sin in some religions. Also if you attempt and aren’t successful you could do some serious damage to body and mind and that’s no fun.