The Question Whether or not Ghosts Exist

The question whether or not ghosts exist is a controversial one. While a bunch of people do not believe in ghosts some do. Some people even devote their entire life devoted to proving whether ghosts exist or not.

There is a lot of equipment out there to prove whether or not ghosts exist. Also there are some television shows that prove or disprove that ghosts exist.There is tons of evidence that ghosts exist. On television there are a bunch of shows that investigate ghosts. A few of the shows are Most Haunted, Ghost Adventures, Ghost Hunters, and sometimes Destination Truth.

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On Most Haunted they have a medium, a few investigators, a historian, and a parapsychologist. Throughout the show they investigate the location for 24 hours or at least stay in the location for that long then at the end of the show the parapsychologist looks over the evidence and discusses it (Most Haunted). Then on Ghost Adventures there are three investigators and they bring their own equipment and then they look over the place and plan which locations to put a camera in after they take a tour of the location and during the night they mostly stay together but sometimes they split up. They have a couple of equipment with them and if it’s necessary to look over some evidence they have someone look over it. Then for Ghost Hunters they have a few investigators with them and that’s all they have besides a few pieces of equipment.

They visit locations mainly in America. They also set up cameras in the locations that are “hotspots” just like Ghost Adventures (Ghost Hunters). They have a tour before they set up the camera equipment so they can get familiar with the location and know what to look for. Then after the show they look over the footage to see if they can detect sprits. Even though they think that the places are haunted some locations are really not haunted and it’s just natural phenomenon they sometimes find footage that they cannot explain.

On Ghost Hunters when they were in the French Quarter of New Orleans a door opened up all by itself. They couldn’t explain why it opened (Syfy). Also on Ghost Hunters International when they were in Argetina they found evidence of Hitler’s ghost (GHI). For Ghost Hunters when they were in Paris they went to the Camacobs and they were scared of it. And they found footage of a guy running away to certain death (Steinbach).

There is tons of equipment, people, and techniques they use to help with the ghost hunting. The basic equipment that they use are night vision cameras because they mainly investigate at night with no lights on, EVP which can detect if a ghost is talking or not, thermal imaging camera so they can detect figures and see what the temperature of surfaces are, and a camera so they can see strange stuff like orbs and outlines of figures. The type of people they use are investigators, mediums, and sometimes but not always a parapsychologist. The investigators are for the investigating part. While mediums are used to sense the sprits and can tell what spirits are with them. A parapsychologist usually has a ton of equipment on them so they can detect the spirits with the equipment.

The techniques that they use are seances, or they just speak out to the spirit. A seance is a meeting where people attempt to contact the dead (laptop dictionary). And if the people hear something during an investigation they sometimes call out to the spirit.When they call out the spirit sometimes they are nice if it’s a child spirit but if it’s an adult spirit they sometimes insult the spirit by saying things they know will insult it or just use expletives. These kind of equipment picks up the evidence these are not all of the types of equipment they use there is a ton more equipment, people, and techniques they use I just only said the basic parts.

The people use the following to contact the paranormal.And of course if professional people ghost hunt there are likely amateurs that follow them. Some of the evidence that ordinary people come up with is sometimes very controversial and sometimes fake. They post pictures, videos, and EVPs that they captured on the internet or send them to professional ghost hunters so they can review what they captured. Sometimes if their footage is unexplainable they send it to the news because it can be evidence that ghosts exist.So there is a lot of things devoted to proving that ghosts exist.

There are a lot more tv shows out there devoted to ghost hunting than what I listed and a tons more stuff out there also.There is a lot of equipment out there to prove whether or not ghosts exist. Also there are some television shows that prove or disprove that ghosts exist. I personally believe in ghosts and always had been ever since I first heard about them. It doesn’t matter to me if a person believes or not and I personally never saw a ghost before.