The Real Murderer

Intolerance and impatience is the murderer that will take our children’s’ lives.

Numerous theories have been applied to explain the occurrences of school violence. However, rarely has a psychologist put an emphasis on effective techniques for prevention. Many people asked why Columbine and Virginia Tech happened. Few people question why the kids choose to commit such a gruesome murder? What were they a victim of? How were they harassed? We must examine the underlying outside reasons for such catastrophic events. Fortunately, there are only three key reasons that contribute to the cause of the massacres at Virginia Tech and Columbine. The first reason we failed to apply with emphasis, the need to respect someone else’s’ culture within school.

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The individual that committed the Virginia Tech massacre was a student of Asian descent. When ever he spoke he spoke with some what of an accent most said. In a news report, it was stated he was harassed for it quite often in high school. In addition, he also isolated himself from the rest of the students. His frustration on being misunderstood because of his accent may have led to the loud call for help.

What if a teacher brought out a stiff punishment every time he was mocked? What if one fellow student stood up for him against the cruelty and humiliation? Could a massacre have been prevented? The freedom of speech entitles someone to have a voice regardless of their cultural background. Unfortunately, for some students that right is practiced on rare occasions in fear of being humiliated. The second reason is those choose to commit the murders became impatient with the system they were instituted in. Imagine having no one to talk to. Think of how one must feel believing everyone he is surrounded by is looking at him as if he were not of this planet. It seems your voice falls on deaf ears.

For some it is a harsh reality that can’t be based for a long period of time. The young men who committed the Columbine massacre were possibly angry at the fact that nobody would take the time to listen. Their feeling of helplessness in their heart convinced their minds that violence was better alternative to bring about a solution. The final reason that possibly provoked the disaster and will provoke more is the lack of understanding. We must understand that the actions of perpetrators shouldn’t be mimicked by us because of anger or grief. As difficult as it may seem we should take the time to evaluate their motives to convince others why not to follow.

It is imperative to forgive before one decides to blind the eyes from the past. Rejection should be replaced with embrace in due time. The resolution begins with the person in the mirror. Treating others as one would like to be treated is a strong concept for the fundamental initiative toward peace. Being the person who listens and attempts to understand will save someone from the misery and torment that may come with everyday life. As man once said “All evil needs to succeed is for good men to do nothing.”