The Right to Education

The right to education is a right that every man, woman, or child should posses. My question is why are people still being deprived of one right that the United Nations (UN) representatives from every country has promised the whole world? 115 million primary school aged children do not go to school and that could be from a choice to not go or a restriction and the UN is supposed to end all of the restrictions so we can have a better, smarter, and more educated world. Some reasons I have came up with are because they do not want to go to school or because there are not enough teachers. Another reason is because they get their education somewhere else, because they are needed to work at home, or because they cannot afford to go to school. Also because they do not need an education, because they need to work to earn money for their family, or because there are not schools near where they live. A ninth reason is because there are not enough schools or because it is more important to educate boys/girls.

I do not think any of these ten reasons are acceptable. We are all entitled to an education and because a family does not have enough money for school or because there are not schools near where they live should not be an excuse. If the UN meant for us all to have an education, why do we have to pay for it when some people cannot? School is not the only type of education but anyone who wants it is supposed to get it. It seems like the government or United Nations could help out families who cannot afford it or people who are having other difficulties with school. I think a solution to this issue would be for the United Nations to start a program for families that are not able to send their children for school or go to school for whatever reason. There could be volunteer workers who raise money for families so they could go to school, or raise money to make a new school, or they could raise money to buy more materials for a school.

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So in conclusion, everyone deserves the right to education, and not everyone is getting it, so why not ask for it now?