Sex Education In Schools Narrative Essay

I believe that sex education should be offered to children at the right age of about 15-16 due to the fact that most students are not serious about this and start laughing when they’re taught.

I really hate it when my classmates laugh and crack jokes on such a serious issue- truly immature of them! However, I feel very differently from them all and think that offering sex education in schools is an excellent idea. On the other hand, schools are doing a great job by offering sex education. By this they’re also helping the current generation to make them understand that sexual intercourse is the main cause to various diseases like HIV aids which there hasn’t yet been found a cure for. I feel that sex education is especially important in our country which has just begun to climb the steps of development meaning it’s not yet economically sound. Stressing further on this point, I would like to say that family planning is essential and the base for it is sex education because the fact is that we live in a 3rd world country of which 50% of our population are children who are classified as dependants. Right now, in such a state that Tanzania is in, we need a more economically active population to raise our economic status and to lessen the burden of the dependant population- All this needs sex education as a base tool and I believe everyone has the right to gain this education, but at the right age.

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