The Seasons

The seasons come and they go, from the icy winter to the hot and humid summer.

Seasons are what bring change to this earth. You can never stop them and they never stay for more that they are needed. Each one depends on the other and they always try to look out for one another. The seasons symbolize change and difference. One season is never like the upcoming one. Winter, spring, summer, and fall are all different in their own special way.

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Each one has its own meaning. Winter is a season is a winter of disaster but it is also a season of comfort and warmth. Winter has blizzards that can make there be no school. When you look out your window you see white snow and miserable wind blowing the life out of everything. When you look down you see that fog has formed from your warm breath against the chilly windows.

Then sitting back in your warm secure couch and watch the marshmallows dance around in hot cocoa. Then you look up and your gaze into the fire that your father’s started and watch the flames dance and crack. You see the glow of embers start to dull down then you blow on it so that the fire doesn’t die and ashes sting your eyes, but you don’t seem to mind for some reason. And since you don’t have any school your mother calls you into your kitchen and asks you to help her make cookies so that you can watch a Christmas movie and eat snicker doodles and ginger creams. By this time you are done with you hot cocoa and you tell your mother that you would love to help make cookies. When you enter the small kitchen you see your mom covered from top to bottom with flour and you smell vanilla extract and chocolate and all the warm smells smell of baking cookies.

Once you finish with the cookies and they are baking in the oven you go over to that once lively fire that has dimmed and no longer dances in the fireplace. You look outside and you see that the blizzard has calmed down but is still snowing so your mother won’t let you play in it. So you ask her if you can go and watch one of your favorite Christmas shows that is on ABC Family. You are on the couch when you your little brother hands you the television remote so that you can turn on the TV; you find the Christmas movie that you absolutely love with all of the romance and fun that you love in a Christmas movie. Spring is a season of new beginnings; it comes after the destructive winter and gives life a new meaning. Spring is when the baby animals are born and when trees get buds for the new bunch of leaves that are going to bloom in the summer.

When you step outside you get this adrenalin that there is something new in the air and you start to think that life may have a whole new feeling. As you take a walk you feel and hear the sludge underneath your feet. When you breathe in the crisp cool air, you start to get the sense that you have a full and new day ahead of you. When you return back home you find that mother is out front. She is on her hands and knees and you know that is not a very pleasant position for her because she has sever back problems.

You ask her what in the world she is doing and she just replies it’s spring and that she is planting a garden so that we can grow some of our vegetables. You look over at your little sister and she is mimicking you mother’s every move. She is trying ever so much to please your mother and make her happy. You step inside for a moment to change clothes so that you can help plant the garden. You put on patched clothes and are ready to work and you start to dig your hands in the moist and cold soil.

Your hands can’t get enough of the richness of the soil and you can feel the power of the earth underneath you. Later you see the fruit of your hard labor when your tulips begin to bloom and you grow very proud of yourself because you help life grow and prosper. Summer is the season of fun and relaxation. Summer is the time when you sit on your back patio and watch your little brothers and sisters run through the sprinkler system. Watching little drops of cool clear water their bodies and they giggle and yell above about how cold it is and then run to get the juicy, sticky popsicles that their mother is offering them. They then begin to fight over what flavor of Popsicle they want and then later when everyone is happy with their flavor, they begin to lick the cool flavored ice with their thirsty little, and giggling, tongues and they love the flavors that are hitting their mouths.

Then they start to get all excited about going in the sprinklers again. They take their already soaking towels and begin to run back to the sprinklers and slip-n-slid that awaits them that are flowing with water. Then when they have had enough of the water they beg their mother to let them inside. But their feet are muddy, they are muddy themselves, and with grass and dirt all over their towels. She agrees to let them in as long as you hose them down and make sure that their feet are as dry as they can be before they enter the house. Once that is done you gather your things and you help find the clothes that they were wearing before they had decided to go outside and play.

Fall is the season of preparation. Fall is the season where the leaves begin to fall off the trees. The leaves are beginning to fill the streets and yards. So then your father asks you to rake them up but right before you are done your little sisters and brothers jump in them and all the crimson colors fly everywhere. But you don’t care because you think that they look beautiful with their bright smiles and happy faces, so you join in the fun by jumping in and you then start to tickle them and their little giggles are so precious, and love every part of it. Then when they plea for mercy and they start to run away.

You stop and start to rake up the mess. Then everybody runs inside and they try to brush off the leaves off of them but they can never get every crimson leaf by themselves. So you encourage and help them to get all of them then inside cookies, hot chocolate, and smiling mother is waiting for you in the kitchen and you get swept away by the smells of the cinnamon, turkey, and Thanksgiving; when you are greeted by loved ones who are enjoying each other’s company; telling past memories and jokes that are only understood in the family. The seasons come and go but they always leave good memories and great family moments they give you peace and love. Family is the most important then as long as you have them you can face the different seasons and the problems and blessings that come with the seasons.

Seasons bring new moments in nature and they bring new moments in your families.