“The Shining” analysis

“Well, I’m very confused, and I Just need time to think things over! ” Wendy exclaimed as she slowly backed away from a threatening Jack. After watching Stanley Sawbucks’ “The Shining,” I found myself feeling the same way as Wendy; confused. The significance of film form seems to be one of the most important aspects when watching “The Shining. ” Film form allows the viewer to have a structured experience and to allow them to recognize all of the formal elements within the film.

Our expectations have a lot to do with the way we view the film. Our expectations were formed by things such as the title, movie poster, and promotion done for the movie (such as trailer’s or reviews).

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We Immediately form expectations from the beginning of the film as well. When we see the formally car driving along that long welding road, the only car on the road, It Is almost Like the car Is being followed. It provides a sense of eeriness, as well as the first shot of the Stanley Hotel that we get.

This huge hotel In the middle of the mountains, surrounded by snow, almost foreshadows the isolation the family will feel while they are there. The suspense of the movie leads to a delay in our established expectations, and a pattern of uncompleted conventions.

We may have gone into the film thinking one thing, and coming out with a totally different idea or view. We are able to recognize some structure though, because of our previous knowledge of other suspense/thriller films.

For example, we can probably expect that once Jack goes crazy, he is going to try and kill Wendy and Danny. The film form also helps us understand that this is in fact a movie and therefore something unrealistic can happen. Film form provides us with an emotional view and attitude of the movie, and in turn, shapes our emotional response. When Danny and Wendy ultimately get away from Jack, we feel satisfaction for them because we were emotionally involved in what was happening.