The Social Networking

Social networking is one of the way of connecting with friends, relatives and families through online. People get connected on line through the use of social services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Sykpe, Google, Yahoo or Gmails. In the modern society, millions of people are using social medial in connecting with friends, families or making new friends across the globe. This is because the Internet enables people to get first hand information faster, and it covers a wider range.

Therefore, one of the pictures that I chose from the social networking is Alice Walker’s picture. I choose this picture, because it symbolizes something in my life. Alice Walker is one of the American poet writer who has written many fictions essays about gender and race. She wrote the one of the best novels, which has been critically, and highly praised, The Color Purple. Walker won the prize for fiction novels, and most of her books reveals on gender issues.

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Walker became a writer, when she was in High School, but racial prejudice prevented many of her novel readers from appreciating her creative work. While Walker was a girl, she became estranged and experienced a hardship life. However, late in life, she became an activist of the Civil Rights Movement in the United States. The idea expressed behind her writing work is gender. Gender is one of the issues affecting the contemporary society.

Even in the social media, gender is revealed in different ways. Since the time immemorial, racism and gender inequalities have been a problem, thus many people have evolved to campaign against it. This is through the use of written material in order to bring about the issues of gender and racism. Thus, the reason why I decided to use this picture is to introduce the idea of gender , and the way social media reveals gender differences in the modern society. Even though social media is a vital communication tool, it has contributed to other negative effects such as gender biased.