The Song of Love

Giorgio de Chirico?s painting ?The Song of Love? can be very confusing at first glance. Chirico must have had a very specific thought in mind as to what feeling his oil painting would have or provoke in it’s viewers. This piece manages to look both simple and complex.Art that may seem to have no structure or purpose can cause many feelings or moods for the viewer. “The Song of Love” has so many elements that creates a relaxing feeling. Although some more vibrant colors were used, the painting mainly has warm tones that seem welcoming, like a fleece sweater and sweatpants on a night in.

Even the brighter colors have warm undertones that make the green ball and shiny red glove seem like a part of the architecture surrounding it. The stone head brings cool tones in white and grey but the face is considerably calm for having no body, like mounted to that wall is the only place that he’d want to be and his view is beautiful enough to never get bored of. Along with the calmness, his face has no strong structure to it, like it’s soft, round, and young. The green ball is half in the shade but seems like it would have been moving due to a slight breeze and a gentle slope inthe land. The sky is clear in the background and there seems to be no other buildings for miles, creating a peaceful environment. The painting is full of shadows but not ones that could hide anything, they don’t feel dismal.

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In this, the sun would be going down off to the right behind the wall or building with the arcways, setting on a serene night. Overall, the painting displays a very peaceful moment and is just calming to look at, even though the pieces seem miscellaneous and throw together. The title of Chirico’s artwork mentions love, maybe how he felt love looked like his artwork. Love can make a person feel so at peace with themselves and their situation. The rolling ball could show that some love never ends, how the ball won’t stop rolling while on smooth ground.

The red glove still looks shiny and new as if the love barely, or never, needed working on but it was still kept around just in case they needed to clean up any mess ups or do whatever was needed to fix an issue. As night comes, the stone head’s face doesn’t show fear or a wanting to move, he’s happy with how the day went and how most days go. He doesn’t fear the night because he doesn’t predict future troubles. “The Song of Love” definitely portrays the steady calmness that some types of love possess. Most artists wouldn’t put together a few random objects and place them on a wall that stands alone or just on the ground and call their work finished but, for the ones that do it may work out in their favor and be exactly what they needed to do.

One look at the painting and you wouldn’t be able to tell a story or have a feeling provoked by it yet. After a long look at this and analyzing the title, a viewer can see that this mashup of objects and structures can create a beautiful mood through color and shape choice. The only angular things shown were the walls but their warm brown tones made them less threatening. By taking a deeper look at chaotic pieces, someone can find serenity.