Song Analysis

Nicholas Michael Furlong, Michael Clifford, Luke Hemmings and John William Feldmann wrote the song “Social Casualty ” sung by 5 Seconds of Summer. This song was from their album 5 Seconds of Summer on the deluxe edition. The band has 4 members Luke Hemmings, lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Ashton Irwin, drums and vocals, Calum Hood, bass guitar and vocals, and Michael Clifford, guitar and vocals. The boys are from Sydney and New South Wales, Australia.

They were founded in December 2011 when Luke, Michael and Calum, who all attended Norwest Christian College began posting videos of themselves singing popular songs on Luke Hemmings Youtube channel. Later on, they were joined by Ashton Irwin. They started with a publishing deal with Sony ATV Music Publishing but in November 2013 they announced that they had been signed to Capitol Records. They joined Hot Chelle Rae in 2012 for their Whatever World Tour. They were then asked to go tour with One Direction, as the opening act for the Take Me Home Tour in 2013.

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Then again in 2014 for the Where We Are Tour. Their music styles have been described as both pop rock and pop punk. McFly, Blink-182, All Time Low, Mayday Parade, Green Day, Boys Like Girls and Busted are some who have influenced 5 Seconds Of Summer.The boys went from youtube stars to being famous worldwide. The songwriters most likely chose to call the song “Social Casualty” to make a point. To show that you shouldn’t just listen to what everyone else says because then, you are a victim of society.

They made it prove you don’t have to be a social casualty. A possible inspiration for this song was their lives before they became a band. Back in school they didn’t exactly fit in and were considered outcasts. Luke Hemmings even admitted to being bullied by some people he thought were friends and Ashton Irwin stood up for him.They could have been inspired to let their fans know that they don’t have to be outcasts and not listen to those who put them down.

But it could also be for themselves. To tell themselves, it’s okay to be different or not liked. But not to do things just cause people or society, tells you to do them. It’s a good message for their audience to hear. “Social Casualty” was written in 2014. A thing that was, and still is going on is bullying.

Many kids and teens bully each other. And this could have inspired some of the song. Since peers can put pressure on you and make you do what society wants. But peers are not the only ones who do this. Another thing that was and still is occurring is media. Media makes people think a way or act a certain way.

It makes them give into society. It makes them act like everyone else rather than like their own person. The thesis or central idea of the song “Social Casualty ” is to not let society control you. Don’t listen to what everyone else says. Be who you want to be and do what you want to do. Don’t let the opinions of others or what society says is “cool”, “popular” or “right” change what you think.

Even if you’re all alone or there are few people who agree with you. You need to avoid the expectations that parents, school, peers and society force onto you. You should pursue your own dreams and not someone else’s. And to be proud of who you are and not let society change who you are because of an image that society says is who you should be. Other people will try to bring you down but don’t listen to them.

Also to stand up for yourself and others. This song has an amazing message for teens and adults to learn and to live by. The lyrics support the author’s main idea in the song in many different ways.One example is “Don’t wanna be a victim of authority. I’ll always be a part of the minority.

” They say that they don’t want to follow society or authority and shows howthey want to be a part of the few or even alone doing what they think is right. Another would be “She ran away to chase her dreams. And they said she wouldn’t make it far. She took a chance and packed her bags.” A girl who faces her dreams despite what everyone else says.

She didn’t listen to society who tried to bring her down and just listened to herself.Next, “Just a kid, it’s all the same. Growing up, it doesn’t change.Who are they to try and put us down? Had enough of what they say. Sick and tired of all their games, Stand up and sing it with me now.

” Says that things haven’t changed. People still try to bring each other down. Forget what they say: It’s all just mind games to try to make themselves feel better. This song has a much deeper meaning to it than you would realise if you had only listened to the song. The music contributes to the meaning of “Social Casualty”. One way being that their genre of music is between pop rock and pop punk, which makes it sound slightly rebellious and is the point of the whole song; to go against the authority or the society in order to be your own person.The music of the song is a great influence on the song’s meaning.