The Spark of Technology

Technology is everywhere.People heavily depend on technology to better their lives.Banks, markets, hospitals, schools and departments stores depend on technology.Where and how it got its start is the question.

Who was IBM?Who was behind Macintosh? How we ended up being so depended on PCs? Have you ever wondered what got Apple to its spotlight right now?Apple, was a company that was started by two guys in a garage having fun making computers.Their vision lead the use of personal computers in every household and new generations of technology literate society was underway. Little competitions between then technology giant IBM and Macintosh, led by Jobs and Wozniack were a new milestone for humanity heading forward into the future.Their inventions soon gained popularity and Jobs decided to sell the company and move to bigger better things.

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Then the business was just a hobby turned into serious money and popularity.Many computers were made since the first computer model and their first success was soon followed by bigger and better models.The Apple products came into market followed by better, faster Apple two and three versions.Competition against IBM grew once the Mac hit the market.People started to buy more of the Mac products than IBM.To overthrow its competitors, soon Mac was bought off by IBM.

As the Silicon Valley draws more attention to itself and Mac creator mastermind geniuses couldn’t just sit and not do anything Apple came into view. Apple took over with its many more advantageous gadgets and products and overshadowed IBM’s popularity. In order to maintain their loyal, technology hungry customers Apple began releasing new products into the market.Apple to meet their demanding customer demands got the push so continue coming up and make something more amazing than before.Jeff Raskin created the Macintosh and it was a hit.

They released it to the world on January 14, 1984.Compare to the IBM PC the Macintosh was smaller and more portable it was so light that it could be carried around with one hand.The Macintosh had better graphics, more programs and the best of all it could talk.The fact that computers could talk was new so that surprised everyone.Other new features like games, drawing programs, and other useful programs were added that could be used.Technology was used for speed and accuracy for variety of purposes.

The floppy disk was more portable and easier to insert.It was cheaper than the IBM and it cost 2500 dollars.The biggest eye catching and guaranteed sales were little features like its speed, size, weight and affordability.This little computer amazed everyone.Advertisement once released into the media, Macintosh sales grew tremendously and it sold 50,000 PCs.

This was a huge success for the Apple Company and need for newer, faster, better things soon became a challenge for creators and owners and users of technology. Apple has come a long way.This company has worked very hard to maintain its image, its products and its happy customers.Company went from making thousands to making billions overnight and shareholder numbers tripled. The success of the company was overwhelming.The creators had their ups and downs throughout the years since they started.

This company success story was well known throughout the world. Wherever one travels, Apple product can be found everywhere and used by businesses, companies, students and health institutions.The Macintosh was a huge part of the Apple Company’s success.Steve Jobs passed away leaving most of his money to cancer research centers and his unforgettable legacy including its irreplaceable mark on evolution of technology. In summation, world is new to technology in a sense that we still have so much to accomplish.

Where we have been was a journey let by few geniuses at Silicon Valley.One of these legends is Steve Jobs.This person has changed the face of the world and truly sparked the new technology era.I admire his legacy and his work ethnics.