The Start of Magic

The Start of Magic “Magic is the sole science not accepted by scientists, because they can’t understand it.” stated Harry Houdini (“Harry Houdini Quotes – BrainyQuote”). This quote from the famous magician Harry Houdini explains it all.

Magic is something that can’t be explained by science. But how did this idea of magic first come about, why did it start, and who started it? Magic started long ago, but how did it first start?The idea of magic first started with witches. “In about the 700’s CE, witchcraft was increasingly associated with heresy (rejection of church teachings).” shown on (“A Short History of Witchcraft”). So,witchcraft became big around 700 CE (common era), and the question was are witches real or not. If they were real it meant they were using sorcery (or magic) and if they weren’t it meant there was no such thing as magic.

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Witches used magic, and since they used magic the idea of magic started. Now that we know how magic came about, we ask, “why?” Some people believe magic is an illusion while others believe it is real. “What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes” claimed Harry Houdini (“Harry Houdini Quotes – BrainyQuote”). This quote fits in with what an illusion is because an illusion is something we think we see but don’t really. There is magic because we think we see something unnatural, but really it is something we can explain.

Maybe there is a part we missed so we think it can’t be explained. That means magic is really an illusion. So, earlier I mentioned to you that the witches are how magic started. But now I am going to tell you more about them because they are who started the idea of magic. “In the 1000’s CE, religious leaders sentenced heretics to death by burning.

” according to (“A Short History of Witchcraft”). The people that had different religious beliefs were called witches, and they were burned to death because they had different beliefs about religions. Witches also would use what was called witchcraft which is someone who uses magic or spells, or you can call it sorcery. Since some people did not agree with the idea of witches or their use magic witches were seen as evil. You can get a little bit more information about witches on (History of Witches Video – History of Halloween – So, now you know that witches are who started the idea and a little bit more about them. In conclusion, we have learned about the start of magic. How magic started was due to the idea of witches. The reason for magic is because it can be thought of as real or an illusion.

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